Alcohol in Checked Luggage

Is it legal for an un-opened bottle of alcohol (i.e. Scotch, Bourbon, etc.) to be transported in checked airline baggage?

Straight from the TSA

Illegal if it’s over 70% alcohol (140 proof), up to 5 liters of 24-70% alcohol, and no limit on beverages with an alcohol content of under 24%.

Recent thread. Note that internationally, things may change (generally the quantity allowed).

I can tell you my friend upcountry always packs a bottle of Crown Royal when he returns from a visit home to South Carolina. You can’t find that here. He’s never had a problem.

My understanding is you can enter the USA with two liters of booze. However, when entering the USA and changing planes in Texas there were signs saying that in Texas the limit is one liter. I guess you could turn in a bottle. But I didn’t and all was well.

I always come back from Europe with about 50 pounds of bottled booze in a hard case foot locker and nobody blinks. Maybe I’m just lucky.

In late November of '13 I came back from Puerto Rico (not an international flight) to ORD with 180 pounds of rum AND a declared pistol in the same checked bag and nobody shit. I had no problems whatsoever. Yes I had to pay $25 for the overage on the weight. But other than that it wasn’t any big deal. It was United Airlines if you’re curious.

I have to wonder what some people are doing to have such a hassle with this issue.

Note very few liquids of any kind are allowed in carry-on baggage:


OP Title: Alcohol in **Checked **Luggage

Pre 9/11 I brought beer back from Germany in my checked luggage- it wasn’t legal- I was only 16. I didn’t have to go through customs either. My dad knew a guy.

I bring wine back from California in styrofoam packaging- CHECKED again. Maybe once a year.

My brother has brought Scotch back from Europe- I guess it isn’t over 140 proof (would be nasty Scotch!)