Alcohol quality

Is there a difference between the biological effects of really expensive alcohol such as in tequila (well refined Sauza) and the alcohol in cheap beer? Is the alcohol in a more refined state in expensive liquor or is alcohol just alcohol?

I ask this because I just had a margarita with the most expensive tequila I have ever had, and being used to cheap beer and liquor, this experience was very nice. :wink:

Alcohol’s just alcohol. It’s all the other crap that’s in there too that makes the difference.

Ultrafilter is right. EtOH, AKA ethyl alcohol.

BTW save the Margaritas for the Sauza Plata and *drink[/] the good stuff from now on.

I think its just the delivery method of the alcohol that is expensive, not the alcohol itself. If beer was a limited edition alcohol that took years to mature people would pay $10 a can for it.

basically, i think its all the same. The other stuff in the bottle may be different, but ethanol is ethanol.