Alergic to Technology? Possible? (RF and Microwaves)

In this Article it tells of a woman so sensitive to Microwaves and RF that she breaks out when they are around. How true could this be?

It seems to suggest she leads a normal-ish life in that she can go places like starbucks and is merely uncomfortable, yet isn’t background RF pretty high as well? What about regular radio waves for TV and the like not associated with Cell-phones and Wi-fi?

Yeah, it’s the Daily Wail… when they’re not fauning over dead princesses they’re dreaming up new ways to scare their credulous readers.

Gamma rays, really?

IANADOrMedicalPhysicist but I would have thought that long term exposure to low level (I presume low level as she’s not turned green or ripped her shirt off yet) gamma rays would cause rather more severe symptoms than a skin rash and insomnia.

I would guess that her self-diagnosis is down to post hoc ergo propter hoc.

I’m also slightly suspicious of the husband, he’s an ‘environmental consultant’… I wonder if he sells £250/tin paint by any chance.

I also wonder why she has no reaction to visible light, it being part of the EM spectrum and she claims to react to Wifi at 2-3GHz and Gamma at 300EHz, visible light is at 300-400THz which is right in the middle.

Yeah, I kind of wondered about visible light too. And the Gamma rays I attributed to her ignorance. I’m not sure Plasma TVs have much difference with CRT Televisions, but I’m no TV expert.

Perhaps she should start wearing a tinfoil hat.

I find her claims rather unlikely. That picture is rather suspicious - why can’t we see the rest of her face? And why is her scalp unaffected? Hair doesn’t block the type of radiation she claims to be susceptible to - it should be as red and puffy as her forehead in that picture. It looks like a bad sunburn to me.

Sounds like she most likely has an allergy to rational thought.

I wondered if anybody has a confirmed allergic reaction to ethylene, a gas emitted by practically anything artificial.