Alex Rodriguez hits 600th home run


Way to go A-rod

He’s a juicer. I discount his stats.

Congrats to that hottie

Yep same here.

He deserves congratulations, but mostly I’m glad it’s overwith already. I was tired as hell of the running tally of how many at-bats it had been since his previous homer.

Not to mention ESPN cutting out of whatever programming they were airing to pick up his at-bats…and I’m a Yankees fan.

ESPN, the network of LeBron, Tiger, A-Rod, and Favre. Like I said yesterday, the entire damn network is starting to turn into fucking People magazine.

He is the youngest ever. But it took 3 years to go from 500 to 600. So he would be 38 at 700 assuming he maintains a pace of 33 1/3 homers a year. Then he would have to get the rest from his wheelchair.

Thank God. The lull was hurting my fantasy team.

As for the feat itself? Meh.

Surprised to see a topic on this, didn’t think anyone cared.

Bad few days for sports news, having to deal with this, the Favre manufactured drama, and the LeBron schedule release all at once.

Yeah, that’s about the extent of my interest, too.

It took him 513 games for his first 106 (4.83 games/HR).
He had 189 after 790 games (4.18).
298 after 1114 games (3.74).
404 after 1516 games (3.75).
518 after 1904 games (3.68).
600 after 2266 games (3.78).

If we assume 130 games per year here on out (he’s averaged 150/year since 1996), and that his production drops to a HR every 4 games, that’s 37 HRs per year. He’ll hit 700 sometime mid-2013 (age 37) and hit 800 in early 2016 (age 40).


Hank Aaron is still the homerun king. We’ll have to wait for someone who came up after the steroid era to be legitimate. But, at least A-Rod isn’t Barry Bonds!

Nope - Babe Ruth is the homerun king since Hank Aaron admitted to using amphetamines in his autobiography. Or we could simply look at all individual record holders through the lens of their respective eras high points and low points. That has the additional benefit of realizing that we simply do not know how widespread the use of PEDs was, who was using them, and therefore, who we can condemn and who we can revere.

Well, then Barry Bonds and A-Rod are pricks, so there!

Everyone knows the real home run king is Sadaharu Oh anyway.

Oh, I’m not disputing that. I just tire of the “they juiced!” dismissal, as if using PEDs is somehow unique to the last few decades, while simultaneously acquitting everyone else in the league not popular enough to warrant having their name leaked.

As for Hank Aaron…he’s a prick as well. He admitted using PEDs, and then turns around to say that everyone in *this *era who used PEDs should be banned from the Hall of Fame and their records should have asterisks.

Dammit, Dio. Second time today I’ve agreed with you. Stop it.

In my book, Hank Arron is still the legitimate Home Run Champ for a career, and Roger Marris still holds the single season record at 61.

I think you meant “Josh Gibson” there.