Alexander the Great's treasure discovered in Afghanistan

From the Observer:

President Hamid Karzai discovered the 20,000 gold coins and artefacts, worth tens of millions of pounds, in a sealed vault under the main palace in the capital, Kabul, after ordering it to be opened earlier this year.

WOW! I can’t wait to see this. The treasure contains, besides coins, crowns, pendants, and a jewel-studded dagger. I wonder if this treasure was part of the wedding celebration between Alexander and his first wife, a Baktrian (Afghani) princess?

Now if only we could find his crystal sarcophogus.

It’s mine, I left it there last time I was at the palace. Those bastards at the front desk told me they “lost” it. This is just so typical of the service one gets in Afghanistan these days.

I don`t understand the story at all.

It was found at least once before, was opened (because they knew what was inside) and was hailed as the greatest find this side of Egypt.
Then it was “(re)discovered” by the current regime and opened again?
The Taliban couldnt get a lousy vault open? It was found by a Russian archeologist in '78, why didnt the Russians take it with them?
Why does the story say it was finally found now, if it was dug up in '78?
The vault hadnt been opened for decades, Why not?? Sounds like the whole world was aware of its location and existence, why the wait?

The story line, the reporting, and the assumed facts don`t match at all.

Lousy reporting.