Alexandra Nechita True Artist or Manufactured Hype?

I was just reading the paper this morning and came upon an article on Nechita labeling her as the “petite Picasso” . she was painting since age 8 and now at 18 her work sells for “thousands” one recent painting is estimated to fetch 70000 bucks. i did a quick google on her work and find nothing really earth shattering. is this a case of an artist being " created’ so to speak? by being a novelty because of her age and not really because of any great talent. Maybe i’m cynical , but a lot of what it takes to become a well known artist is to be at the right place at right time and know the right people to hype your work. i don’t mean to imply that all the artists are this way just some. any opinions? sorry if my question is sort of vague, no coffee and i’m late for work.

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