Alfalfa has a pit bull! Ruuuuuun!

I had the TV on the other day while I was doing other stuff. I looked up and it was one of those old Our Gang/Little Rascals shows. You know how sometimes you see something you’ve seen a hundred times and all of the sudden it stops you? Well, I looked at the gang’s dog and thought, “I’d swear that’s a pit bull.” Anyone confirm?

Yep. Pete was bred by the Colby family of Massechutsets."pit+bull"+Pete+"Little+Rascals"

That’s where I first saw the breed & decided I wanted one. Pit bulls vary a lot in intelligence, but are almost all hungry for love and attention. Like whining-outside-the-bedroom-door-while-my-girlfriend-&-I-are-making-love hungry for attention.

He was also poisoned, wasn’t he?

(Pete, not Alfalfa.)

Yep. At least that’s what they said on “The E! True Hollywood Story” on “Our Gang.”

That’s the worst mangling of Massachusetts I’ve seen in a long while . . .

Sorry. Bit of a pet peeve of mine.

I believe it’s usually spelled, Fibber MacGee…

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The bad reputation pit bulls have is a fairly recent phenomenon. Back when ‘Our Gang’ was made, they were considered one of the best dogs to get if you had children.

Nope, sorry. Nice try though.

What’s the story behind Pete’s demise?

I am sure I read, BTW, that the Alfalfa actor died in a brawl over a piddling amount of money. Sad.
But thanks everyone for the answers on the dog.

I half-watched a documentary on E! about the Little Rascals. (Since it was titled “The Curse of the Little Rascals”, I had a lot of salt on hand.)

From what I recall, Pete was suspected to be poisoned by a man who was angry at the trainer. I wasn’t watching the show too closely, but I know the phrase “disgruntled” was used in conjunction with Pete’s demise.

(I love pits. :slight_smile: )