Alias 10/26 :spoilers:

A sign of things to come…

Sloane as a “double” agent for the Covenant? Not to mention retribution from those he “turned in”? Finally, a storyline for Arvin…

Jack exhibiting his relentless ruthlessness for the benefit of Sydney…

Sark, mysterious and lovely…though I wish he had a LITTLE more to do…

I hate Lauren Reed, there I said it. She is a horrible witch, I hate her and I wish she would die. I hope she stays on the series forever.

Scenes from next week…OMG…OMG!!! Is that who I think it is with FABULOUS 70’s hair?

Regarding Sloane, are we going to see double agent become triple agent, then get a rare and confusing look at quadruple and quintuple agenting?

To my mind, Jack screwed the puppy. It wasn’t entirely his fault, of course, since he couldn’t have sent someone else on this errand. It was a Bristow op, not a CIA op. Once he was recognized and compromised during the meeting, he was very quick at seeing the danger. Maybe he wouldn’t have had to kill the guy if he had moved quicker to disarm him, but maybe not, too.

The end result of the op is one slimeball dead, Sydney can’t work with that team again, and no new information. Ouch.

Why does anyone trust Sloane?

I mean, from what I’ve read about the history of US intelligence services going back to Project Paperclip and some of the other attempts to use former Nazis as intel sources, the storyline with Sloane is playing out exactly as it should. Bug’s line (was it Bug or someone else, I forget) about how with Sloane taken out the US would lose its most valuable source of intel was telling. Sloane is telling the CIA and the NSC exactly what they want to hear and Sydney is the only one willing to call bullshit on it. As long as enough of the intel pays off then they’ll be willing to give him the rope he needs to hang them. Eventually he’s going to start feeding them garbage (or he’s going to run out of intel, because how much longer is he going to keep getting fresh information from his underworld sources, hello?). Let’s hope Syd is too big a person to say “I told you so.”

How conveeenient that Bug just happens to be a fairly expert pursuit driver. Cross-trained at the farm indeed! She’s a mole for someone, although I’m sort of hoping that she’s a mole for someone on our side (like the Brits of the French) rather than for the Covenant.

Marshall! Dear sweet Marshall, how adorable was he in high school? I want more Marshall ops.

Sark is turning into a professional fly in the ointment. It seems like every time the Bristows are putting something together, Sark is there to mess it up. Cool role for him to play but I’d like to see that expanded as well. I’d also like to see him caught in a compromising position with a go-go boy, but that’s a different show.

Jack makes odd decisions sometimes. He’s still a bad-ass though.

Bug’s driving skills were a bit good for someone that’s used to a desk job.

Sloane is setting the CIA up, more than likely as a way of getting to Sydney.

I’m glad Sark is more than just someone’s errand boy, because he’s an interesting character.

Mmmm…couldn’t agree more Otto.
Seriously though, I would like to see Sark do more this season. JJ has a bad habit of squandering time with his actors. He did it with Lena, Bradley, and of course Merrin (as Allison, not as Francie)…

I’m not sure that Jack’s decision to confront Simon was all that premature. They ceased to be usefull to the the CIA, and it was unlikely that the organization would be doing anything terribly important again anytime soon (they were just theives after all)…Plus, it was clear that he wasn’t going to give away any information on Sydney’s missing 2 years. After all, he was shot and going to die and still resisting by talking dirty to Jack, and situations just don’t get any dire than that. Simon was, after all, a mostly useless (but beautiful) detour for Sydney on her journey to find out what happened to her.