Alice in Chains song "Would" - What is it about?

What is this song about?

Partial lyrics for Would?

Heroin addiction.

I believe that hegel’s response is an accurate answer to any question about Alice in Chains lyrics.

It’s about the importance of gathering enough Would for your fireplace.

IIRC, and who knows if I do, but I think this was actually written about one of Layne’s buddies who died of a heroin overdose.

And for the record, not all of Alice’s songs are about heroin addiction. Just the good ones.:wink:

IIRC, the song was written for Andrew Wood, lead singer of Seattle based band Mother Love Bone. Wood died of a heroin addiction on March 19, 1990. One month later Mother Love Bone’s debut album (Apple) was released.

Wood formed Mother Love Bone with future Pearl Jammers Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament. A tribute album, Temple of the Dog was released in 1992. It featured members of various Seattle based bands such as Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, as well as former members of Mother Love Bone. It reached the top ten on the Billboard charts.

Mother Love Bone was, IMO, the best band to come out of Seattle’s grunge scene. If it weren’t for Wood’s death, Mother Love Bone would have been the biggest grunge band of the 90’s, and no one would remember Nirvana (again, IMO).

Convict is completely correct.

“Would” is one of my favorite “Alice In Chains” songs.
The vocals, the guitar work, the bassline.

I wouldn’t call Mother Love Bone a grunge band, unless you’re using the term to mean any band from Seattle. They were great, but they were more of a neo-glam rock band. It is interesting to think how the shape of the rock scene would have been different if Wood had survived and Mother Love Bone had hit it big instead of Nirvana.

I agree that Mother Love Bone didn’t really sound grunge, IMO.

I believe Layne Staley wrote “'Would” as well, one of the few songs he wrote alone. Jerry Cantrell wrote most of the songs for the band, with Staley doing lyrics.

Other songs Staley actually wrote: “Angry Chair”, Oooh, that fifth track on the self-titled album(also abot heroin addiction).

I saw Jerry Cantrell live a few months ago. Absolutely awesome show. I whole heartedly recommend you catch him if he comes to your town. He played his new stuff and alot of his old Alice stuff.

Sorry, but no. As referenced by my copy of Dirt, Jerry wrote “Would?” by himself, and “Angry Chair” was on Dirt as well. Layne did write that one by himself, though.