Alien Bacteria Discovered ! --- or not!

Yahoo news is trumpeting this:

Fortunately, they also link to this:
I’m inclined to go with the skeptic. I’ve encountered such technically peer-reviewed journals that seem to exist merely to let those published therein say their stuff has been “peer reviewed”, although respectable scientists won’t go near such journals.

Impossible! The journal of cosmology is under attack!

Do not rest on your laurels and pretend to be superior. Do something with the masses and save it!

Do you mean to say that crank papers being reviewed by crank reviewers do not qualify as “peer-reviewed”?:wink:

Well yes they are, but when your peers are utter bollock-munchers as well it really doesn’t help your case very much.

NASA is distancing itself from the claims:

You’re ignoring the best news. Apparently time travel will be invented in just two years!

[spoiler]Original quote in case they fix it:


I’ll leave the end of the world comment for someone else.