Alien dilemma friend or foe

it’s my humble opinion that when alien life makes itself known they will be of the nice variety for this reason…there is no profit to warp across the light-years in an attempt to concur habitable planets resourses when between there and here you would be passing hundreds of resource-rich unclaimed worlds that have no defenders to fight
you might think well the greys would take all our metals! that have been already mined, they want our copper-gold and plutonium, what are the chances these items would be used by aliens? I’m sure they need metals, but would ours be compatible with theirs? or would they have to resmelt? if so I again point out planets closer to homeworld would be cheaper to settle and develop and mine then one already in use and far away, coming to earth killing all the peeps to strip copper wire out of apartment buildings and sending it back home would be a costly endeavour . they cant use our medicins or our foods or automobiles, probably can’t breathe our air, so I think when they do make themselves known it will be for a mutual scientific experience.
slave labour you say! well that’s just silly talk interspecies space slaves are never going to happen because you have to provide a breathable atmo for the slaves to work in, you have to feed them,

Ahhh but have you not seen Predator?

Of course not. He had optical camouflage.

“It’s a cookbook!!!”

Would anybody travel Interstellar distance without a compelling motive?
Like “gain”?
After that question, things get ugly.

Maybe they’re fleeing the giant space goat.

What if Earth is the closest planet to their homeworld?

Any species that has figured out how to propel a spaceship around the galaxy and make turns and enter and leave orbit at will, etc, has tapped into a source of energy far greater than converting the entire planet earth into a source of fuel. And they’ve figured out how to maintain a source of food and other relevant consumables that by necessity would have to be far more efficient than harvesting same from the surface of a planet. That leaves artifacts and works of art and culture.

I’ve got my doubts about any species employing interstellar travel (the distances are too huge, the resource requirements are too immense, the speeds are too impractically slow) but if I’m wrong, then the things that would be of interest to them that they might find here aren’t compatible with the interests of conquering types so much as academic studying types.

Count me in agreement with Squidsak.

We’d basically be an ant farm to them. What kind of cruel being would destroy an ant farm?

I agree with @AHunter3 that their motivations won’t be materials. Nor Lebensraum.

But they may well be motivated by a desire to ensure no upstarts from the hinterlands interfere with their cozy empire. Which they do by identifying planets that have life that can get out of planetary orbit, but can’t (yet) get out of their stellar system. And then incinerating those planets early while it’s still easy.

I kill wasps before they get their nest built. Same idea. And aliens may well care less for all humanity than the wistful sadness I have mashing a wasp or two.

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The neighborhood’s bully.

Whether I considered an alien friend or foe would depend on the last SciFi movie I watched. If it was, say, ET, I’d welcome him with open arms. If it was, say Invasion of the Body Snatchers, I’d kill him immediately, possibly sparking an intergalactic war.

If ET ever does stumble upon our shores, I suspect the circumstances and dilemmas of first contact will be so bizarre and unique that we’ll all be screaming, “Why didn’t Hollywood warn us about this?.”

Do you mean The Great Space Coaster?

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i think your very smart

Well are you Garey Busey crazy or???

I cannot really prescribe the motives of aliens. So, I look to history. What happened when explorers of the past, your Columbuses, Magellans, your Marco Polos discovered the new worlds?

Their most valuable resources were taken away, the conquering race moved in, and the natives were converted to the religions of the invaders. Let me see, did anybody altruistic and respectful of the rights of the natives establish power? That would be no.

Of course, the visiting aliens could be like ET, wise, vulnerable yet charming munchkins who change lives and bring joy. Like Mickey Mouse. Our world would be turned into a theme park. You must be this tall to ride the Great Wallercoaster.

Life is the only rare commodity in the universe. If they are intentionally coming to Earth it is because it has life on it. Just because they are ‘nice’ doesn’t mean they wouldn’t exploit humanity or other life on our planet in some fashion or another.

Advent seemed pretty nice while they were healing all of humanity’s diseases.

And then there is that enduring, vitally important, motive for visiting primitive cultures: Religious conversion.