alien friends

This may be the wrong forum for this…i wasn’t sure i it belongs in GD or CS, so if it needs to be moved, so be it.

I will admit, I’m a wierdo. I think about stuff like this:

I was watching a few old episodes of Babylon Five and I wondered what life for normal humans would be like if we had a way of TL travel and contact with a collection of a few dozen alien worlds.

Lets give them the trope of being vaguely if not wholly humanoid. Maybe some off them are lkke giant insects, or human looking with eight eyes or four arms…whatever. Lets say that we all get along more or less. What would it do to our society?

The one good thing I can think of is that it would maybe help humanity join together and get past our differences. But we’d have to rethink religious ideoloagt, and even regular joe shmoe would probably have issues that would be…well, for us present day humans strange.

“Yeah, my cubicle is next to that Drelax guy , from Beta Coridan 9. You know they fart every fibe minutes to expel body heat, and it smells like dead cats. I gotta get a new job”

“I don’t want my son hanging out with that Grorg kid. Those people frpom Demeter Prime think insulting a person is a sign of respect! My son told me I
was a boiling fester in the anus of the galaxy yesterday!”

“Hey thanks for coming to my thanksgiving dinner party! Just don’t drink out of the blue punchbowl. Thats for my friend V’ Lox. He’s from planet Gendela…they drink liquid radium there…oh don’t worry, the b owl is shielded, just don’t frink out of it.”

Yeah, I’m wierd. I need to go to bed. Why am I even thinking about this stuff?

You are not alone.

Great post/username combo!

I’m not sure where to put this, either – let’s try Cafe Society, where lots of SF geeks hang out.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

I think it’d be a lot like “Alien Nation,” where the newcomers are the latest target for prejudices. The human race bands together to hate the creatures that are different. They eat raw rodents, get drunk on sour milk, and salt water is like battery acid to them.

On Twi’leks

Spoken like a real slag-lover.

It was explored in Fred Pohl’s, “The Day After the Day the Martians Came” from the first Dangerous Visions. He later fixed it into a novel called The Day the Martians Came.

RealityChuck, is that the one that takes place at a motel some distance from Cape Canaveral, where reporters from all over the world are crowding in trying for a story?

Way, way
far out there
there surely
must be
somebody somewhere
who’s something
like me.