Alien Legacy - Anyone tried this?

Did anyone try this and complete it?

It is a space colonization game similar to Civ in some ways. It’s fun and interesting to play.

However, it has one fatal flaw. There are several events triggered by the date in the game. As you play time keeps ticking, and you can control the speed of passing time. Time is supposed to be suspended when you drop your exploration ship into a planets zone. Each planet contains a grid of zones and you drop into them to find goodies or kill aliens.

However, Each time you drop your ship into a zone the game advances one day! Time gets eaten up really fast at this rate as some planets are quite large, and you often visit them more than once.

Did anyone get around this bug or finish the game despite it? I found that the events later in the game came too fast, when you were not ready, if you ignored this and explored all you wanted.

I have it and have tried to beat it several times. For me it was the resource management that really was a pain in the ass, trying to make sure everything is totally balanced to make sure your colony doesn’t collapse for want of a vital componet, and the functuations in said materials.

That and the fact this bacame REALLY annoying when trying to deal with Biota.

HPL, How far did you get?

I did OK in the resource management aspect, I just ran out of time. ie got to the part where you start needing ships, and yet had not built enough of them before the aliens in the gas giant woke up.

It’s a tough game. Did you have problems with the time bug?

I usually get up to the point with the biota bombs, but at that point I either have to deal with the biota(which I can’t seem to kill fast enough) or that nasty plaque which I then have to clean up.