Alistair MacLean

I’m reading Ice Station Zebra again, and given errors like headlights on Formula V race cars and calling a submarine a ship, I wonder what Dopers thing of his work.

I thought all his books were great!
In seventh grade.

They started being goofy with The Way to Dusty Death.

I read a bunch of them when I was in my early teens. The only one that remains in memory at all is Puppet on a Chain. So, I guess I’d say his work is largely forgettable.

Yeah, I went through a MacLean phase probably in 8th-9th grade. Fine for the time (in fact, The Guns of Navarone was one of my favorites for awhile) but now I rank him right up there with Clive Cussler.

I also went through a bunch of his books in my early teens. Looking back on it, H.M.S. Ulysses and Breakheart Pass are the only two that stuck in my mind.

Hey now, there is no need to go dissin’ my man Clive. I still wade through each and every books he pumps out. Not the one’s he co-writes though, those are just drivel.

I would like to apologize for the last sentence in the above post. Please read what I meant and not what I mangled.

I could never read his name correctly. I always wanted to call him Lean McAlister.