All about gyms

I love gyms. Paying to sweat, what a concept. Anyway, my contract with my gym has just run out and I’m pondering which gym to join, or even if I should bother and instead see the open road as a treadmill, y’know, like I’ve got a brain and stuff.

How often do you go? You happy with the gym you go to - what’s the ‘culture’ like? Why do you go?

I tried to get down to the gym about 3 or 4 times a week, laziness and work permitting. I have a massive sweet tooth, so I see it more as an act of keeping myself as I am now rather than aiming for some musclebound status.

I’ve never gone to a gym. I’m much fitter than most people I know, though - and pretty ripped. It’s very important to me to be strong, capable, healthy - and I also like having muscles and looking good naked (I don’t carry much body fat so the more muscle I build the healthier/more attractive I look IMO).

I do go to yoga classes fairly regularly (at studios), I cycle about 60 miles per week as it’s my main form of transportation, and go through phases where I run as well. I have free weights and a pull-up bar in my home. I also enjoy walking, hiking and swimming outdoors as much as possible, and I work a very active job that involves lifting etc.

I’ve been thinking of joining a Crossfit gym. So I chose ‘will in the future’.

Interesting poll.

I get to the gym pretty regularly but it is mainly to keep things from getting worse although lately I’ve been motivated to adjust my workout for what I hope will be better results and won’t mind if I start looking a little better.

I’m shocked at how little I pay for my gym. I’ve been a member at the same mega-chain for almost 10 years and after paying $300 upfront for the the first two years I have been on a month-to-month plan that would be a good deal if I went just once a week.

I go infrequently. When I went, it was to control my blood pressure and to get more muscular. Since my daughter was born in December of 2009, my gym attendance has been awful. Right before she was born I was 215 pounds/15% fat, whereas now I’m 195 pounds/23% fat. I’m getting gross because of my neglect.

One day I’ll have time to go again. One day…

I’ve never paid for a membership to a gym, but I almost always use fitness rooms in hotels when I’m on the road.

I love my gym. It’s in my building at work, so super convienient for lunch.
They have awesome classes - and one trainer in particular who is great. (well, he’s not for everyone. I happen to like his style though)
So three days a week I do a boot-camp style class with 18 other people. There are about 25 regulars in this class, and it’s really friendly and fun. Stupidly hard (there are days where the win is that you haven’t vomited in public) but fun.
The other two days I try to run - on the treadmill in winter, or outside in spring/summer/fall.

64-year-old male here. I’m currently in pretty good health, and I go to the gym 5-6 times a week in an effort to stay that way.

My 60-year-old wife does the same.

I have a gym in my house and I’m so excited about it! I’ve been paying for a gym membership, because while I had a bunch of gym equipment, it was being stashed in a corner of my apartment. Well, I just found someone to take all my living room furniture, so now I’m converting my living room area into a gym!

It has a weight bench, adjustable in both the seat and the bench part, with a preacher bench add-on and a legs add-on for doing leg curls and extensions. I’ve got a weight plate for the legs add-on, and adjustable dumbbells that can carry anything from 5 lbs. to 40 lbs. depending on how many weight plates I load on. I have a pair of 15 lb. dumbbells, a pull-up bar, resistance bands, a TV with a DVD player, and a whole bunch of exercise DVDs: all the Insanity DVDs, all the P90X ones, 12 Tae Bo DVDs, and an Abs/Buns of Steel DVD. I don’t have a cardio machine, but I have free access to them at my apartment office, the fitness center at my work, and at the fire department where I volunteer.

I’m also friends with an instructor at one of the gyms in the area, so I still have access to an official gym. But it has been a dream of mine for years to actually devote a room in my house exclusively to fitness equipment, and this thread seemed like the perfect opportunity to shout my excitement from the mountaintops!

Oh I guess I should address the other parts of your poll. I recently cut back the amount of time I work out because I was over-training, but I still work out five days a week for about an hour a day. I work out largely for vanity reasons, but also because I get a thrill out of seeing what I can do if I put enough work in.

I loved going to the gym. It was like a giant playground for adults! When I had a membership and I picked my daughter up from work in the area I’d go all the time. Every day or two. Unfortunately I couldn’t justify the cost once she lost her job, plus it was across town so there was gas to consider. Maybe I’ll go back one day but it will NOT be to ATC because they lie about not having a contract. It’s a contract when you have to pay a full year even if you cancel. Why they claim that’s not a contract I do not know.

Not interested in paying to drive in order to be among other sweaty people. I have a bike, treadmill and free weights that are used every day. And 65 pushups doesn’t take any equipment. So I am good to go without going anyplace. However, I have the dirt road around the lake out back for outside diversion. Life is good. Don’t need no stinking gym. Don’t have to sweat the locker routing or wipe down any equipment. My towels are…well…my towels. Nobody is selling me anything. My truck never has to move. Four bucks a gallon is no problem.

I don’t go to the gym.

I am healthy and in good shape; I run about 25 miles a week, maybe more. My ‘long’ runs are 10+ miles and my first half marathon is in 2 weeks.

I also do a home-made circuit workout using nothing but a pair of dumbbells and bodyweight exercises. I have found that his is enough to keep me toned and looking pretty good for my age (I think). I am adding a pull-up bar to the mix as soon as I remember to check Craigslist.

I don’t have any urge to join a gym…I am pretty self-motivated and kind of prefer a solitary workout. Also, being cooped up in a gym for a couple hours when I could be outside running through the woods would kill me!

This is where I insert a plug for trail running: More fun, more effort for the distance and speed, more fun, and it’s better at whole-body toning than street running. There.

I work at an Air Force Base. The gym is free and very well equipped.

Hmm, I’ve got a couple dumbbells at home too; mind me asking what circuits do you do? When I first dug them out I looked up a few exercises, just can’t seem to get in to it properly.

It keeps changing :slight_smile: It always (almost) includes: jumping jacks, 8-count bodybuilders, squat thrusts, squats, plank (back, both sides, and front) bicep curl, neg. toe raises, overhead tricep extensions and/or chair dips, bent over row, shrugs, side bends w/ dumbbell, and walking lunges. I also have a grab-bag of other exercises I do, depending on what sounds fun. I like to browse to find new bodyweight exercises.

I also have a routine I found for strengthening hip/thigh/glute muscles that I do regularly.

I also borrow some stuff from the P90X core synergistics routine.

Oh, and all of the above are liberally interspersed with sets of 20 push-ups.

I usually do an hour, and find that I can beat myself up pretty well in that amount of time.

Now, to sit back and wait for the real workout nuts to rip my method apart :smiley: Disclaimer, of course, I am nowhere near being a personal trailer!

I had a year-long gym membership and used it exactly 5 times. I’m not really the gym type. I wouldn’t mind having a place to go and swim and use the sauna/hot tub a few times a week, but that’s all (my old gym didn’t have a pool, and I really hate to sweat). I was thinking about signing up at xSport Fitness, since they have a pool, they’re 24 hours, AND they’re on my way home from work. But I don’t want to end up in a contract that I don’t want but can’t cancel again. I should look into a YMCA or something around here, that’d probably be a good deal.

I’ve been a member of my gym (city rec center) since probably 2002. I’d say the past 2 years is the third or fourth “cycle” of me being a regular user.

I love going to the gym because I work from home so going there is me getting out of the house. I easily make it 5 days a week. Four days on the elliptical, two of those in the weight room and one day in the pool.

I was going for a year and a half just to feel good, have stronger muscles and combat depression. Now I’ve coupled it with better eating and I’m losing weight at a good clip.

I’m part of “the community” at the gym. Love it!

I go to the university gym (Ramsey), almost every day. I take spinning, water aerobics, Zumba, steps, Bodypump, pilates, and a couple other assorted classes. I also run on the track, and it is at Ramsey that my other 2 “sports” meet for practice (capoeira and belly dancing).

But, the reason to be uber fit is that really, I’m single, I have nobody around, I hate this town, and being in the gym is more productive than sitting in the computer all day (which I do at work). Also, I want to stay healthy for a somewhat weird reason… So that in case I ever get pregnant, if I’m already doing exercise I can keep doing it, I don’t gain as much weight, and the weight I DO gain won’t put me on the “OMG I’ve never been as heavy as I’m now” category.

I used to belong to Bally’s and lately have been getting emails to restart my membership for a fairly decent price.

It’s on the way home from work so I wouldn’t be going out of my way. As some have mentioned I don’t like driving to go work out and I hate it around the beginning of summer and just after New Years.

But I will say I was able to stay fairly motivated when I did belong and managed to maintain my workout. I’m tempted to rejoin,but don’t really need another bill at the moment.

I have started a morning walk for about 30 minutes and generally I do it at least 3 times a week. I do have dumbbells but haven’t used them for a while.

I joined my rec center gym 10 years ago, and haven’t gone longer than 3 days without a workout since then. I need to workout for my sanity and health. I use my gym 3-4 days per week, except in the summer when I can run outside, then I go to the gym just for strength training 2 days per week. My gym has a 200 meter track that is perfect for running sprints and power walking. I also like to use an elliptical, stationary bike, and stair-stepper.

I wish I could just run/walk outside anytime I want, but there is always something stopping me:

-(I’m female) not feeling safe running alone in parks.

-distracted and inconsiderate drivers nearly running me off my road. (move over, dumb ass!)

-loose dogs scaring the crap out of me.

-miserable weather for half the days of the year! (snow, rain, fog, wind, heat and deer flies!)

-too many concrete surfaces to run on in the city. Country roads are better because of asphalt, but the cars are doing 55 or more mph)

  • etc…

I go to the gym every weekday, pretty much without fail, and I try to get in a work out one day a weekend, though as often as not that’s playing a sport, running outside, or something else that doesn’t necessarily involve the gym. I am extremely lucky to have the YMCA right across the street from my office, and a flexible enough schedule to take an 80-90 minute lunch break.

I do it to both feel and look good; there is a noticeable difference in my mood if I am unable to work out for more than a day or two in a row. It helps offset the fact that I really like food. Also, between my Kindle and iPod, I get a ton of reading done at the gym, whether it’s a book while on the elliptical or stationary bike, or audiobooks while running or lifting. It’s an invaluable sanity break in the middle of my day, frankly to the point where it would significantly increase the amount of compensation I would need to take a job where I didn’t have the ability to work out in the afternoon.

The only disadvantage is that the YMCA is definitely on the ‘above-average’ side of what I would expect a gym to cost. Completely worth it, though.