All Hail A&W - The King of All Fast-Food!

Ok, that might be a bit much, but DAMN their Chubby Chicken is tasty.

Ummmm, Chicken.

I don’t have A&W here, but I have seen them elsewhere.

Chubby Chicken sounds like a penis euphemism.:smiley:

That’s true, but it’s still damn tasty.

I’ll have to give it a try someday… next time I am in the North.

Make sure to get a Hot Apple Turnover too.

They are FABULOUS!

Maybe that’s why it’s damn tasty. =)

Oh yeah, there is nothing better than having chilidogs and root beer floats in your car. To bad they only have the fake food court A&Ws around here.

best rootbeer in the world. comes out of a KEG for crissakes!

Last trip out west we stopped for lunch at one. The kids thought it was a joke. They knew about the root beer, didn’t know about the fast food chain. They just couldn’t wrap their brains around the idea.

I miss mama burgers.

When I was a kid, there were two A&W drive-ins in town. Now there are none. I still miss the Rootbeer in a gallon jug. I wasn’t aware the drive-ins still existed.

maybe i havent made myself clear. the ROOTBEER comes outta a KEG, you see?

i mean, there are no words, you know.

Ummm, rootbeer…

I had a large. It was…delicious.

If you’re ever in Dallas, check out the Prince of Hamburgers on Lemon Ave. They make and keg their own rootbeer. It is a sublime pleasure.

Ok, I’m drooling and this OJ is just not an effective substitute…

wow, homebrew. wow. now i have two reasons to visit texas: eat barbeque and go to prince of hamburgers in dallas to drink rootbeer. oh yeah.

A&W is pretty good… fries, burgers, and all the rest of it. One thing I haven’t tried is the Chubby Chicken; I was going to try it a couple of years ago. However, I was talking to my friend one night, and he mentioned that he’d tried it recently, and afterwards his stomach felt like a big ball of grease! That’s primarily why I haven’t tried it yet. (and I eat greasy foods some of the time, too… oh well, next time I go to A&W, perhaps)

That should be Lemmon Ave, with two "m"s