All hail President-Elect Bush!

Gore has finally conceded. The election is over. We may now get on with our lives.

Um, I think you spelled the second word in your title wrong.

I don’t think he did.

It’s all over… Whewwwwww.

Thank God. I truly didnt care who won. I just wanted it over.

Bush Wins.

the title of this thread should say “Hail hitting President Bush”

Or to properly acknowledge the role of the courts:

All hail President-Appoint Bush!

No, if Gore had won due to the court’s meddling, we would have a “President-Appoint.” Remember, there really was a set of rules in place governing how Florida was to conduct that election. Under those rules, Bush clearly won. Gore and the Florida Supreme Court tried to re-write the rules to make Gore win, and fortunately SCOTUS stepped in and said “Not so fast…”

BTW: I just checked the thesaurus on MS Word. Bush can receive hails from the public or hails from the sky :wink:

I am bitterly disappointed in both the outcome of this election and the transparent partisanship of the Supreme Court.

However, I intend to follow Al and Dubya’s advice and transcend my disappointment and support the president. Yes, I intend to follow the sterling example of the Republicans, who, when bitterly disappointed in 1992, proceeded to spend the next eight years obstructing, vilifying and generally hindering the unquestionably elected president. I seem to recall much talk of Clinton “never receiving a majority,” and “being elected with 43% of the vote.” Hell, Dubya didn’t even get a plurality. Some mandate.

I find the Republicans (especially the likes of Trent Lott or Mitch McConnell) nauseauatingly sanctimonious. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, they expect their boy to be treated with kid gloves. I dearly hope that you so-called “conservatives” are given a dose of your own medecine during the next four years.

I wish I had the means and opportunity to become a sort of “Anti-Rush Limbaugh”, but realistically, I know I couldn’t, because my stomach isn’t strong enough to spout the sort of rabble rousing half-truths and outright lies he wallows in.

Yep, by hook and by crook, you got your boy in. Hope you’re proud.

I voted for Kodos.

I think that’s why you were chosen to stay around.

And in this cor-nah, hailing from AUS-tin, Texas - weighing in at 215 pounds…

The Texecutioner!

Hail him yourself. I hope he gets the roughest ride of his life the next four years.

Well, I’m in the same corner as Frankd6 and Olentzero.

I certainly hope that there are competent Pinkerton-style operatives looking into Bush’s past use of cocaine, incompetent business dealings in Texas, and life in an early-1970s “Singles Compound” (looking forward to ex-airline stewardesses stepping forward to state that Dubya goosed them at the poolside BBQs!), so that his administration turns into a hopelessly denial-ridden and confused muddle by mid-February.

Bush has had everything in his life handed up to him on a silver platter. Time for the boy to eat a shit sandwich, IMHO.

Second to all of that, Ike; however, there are a number of silver linings to the seemingly dark skies we now find ourselves under:

  1. Sad to say, but the economy is going to slow up. No one in particular is at fault, but the American public (who traditionally vote with their wallets and not their heads)will blame the Republicans because “well, they’re in power.” No need to let them know that the Senate is split right down the middle and the House is held by only 10 votes. The Republicans will still get tarred with the economic brush and will be replaced by a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress in the mid-term elections.
  2. The Supremes (loved Maureen Dowd’s OP/ED piece today) have blown their own cover. There can no longer be any pretense about them being interested only in the rule of law. Luckily, it takes 60 Senate votes to confirm a nomination to the Court. Rehnquist and O’Connor may have wanted to hold on until a Republican was able to appoint their successors, but now only the blandest (read: most able) jurist will pass muster. Antonin Scalia as CJ? Not anytime soon.
  3. W may appear an affable dunderhead, but don’t let appearances fool you. I don’t get the impression he’s affable at all - I read him to be a low, mean-spirited, viper who’d cut his own nose off to spite his face. My opinion of him as a dunderhead remains unchanged. He’ll find some pretext to get the U.S. involved in another action, ala’ his dad, in the hopes that the U.S. can kick some ass, he’ll appear presidential, and thus be re-elected. Sorry, its the economy stupid. Always has been, always will be. Now, George, go play and let Dick Cheney and Colin Powell run the country. Let’s hope he doesn’t hurt himself on the monkeybars.
  4. As a result of 1&3 above, the Dems. regain the White House in 2004 and keep it for another 8 years, until the process starts all over again.

George W. Bush will, in my estimation, go the way of those forgotten Presidents of the Gilded Age. “Hmmm, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, …, wasn’t there a Bush in there some where?”

At least the comedians will have ample fodder.

Hey. Look on the bright side. At least we won’t have to deal with overpopulation, right?

All hail Discordia.