All hail the hail cannons: Volswagen vs. Mexican farmers

article here.
Short version: VW has been using hail cannons to protect new cars parked outside their factory in Mexico.

Nearby Mexican farmers complained because they believe the hail cannons are preventing much-needed rain.
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Saw that. When I first read the headline I was sure it was an Onion article or some sort of CT thing right up there with chemtrails.

But nope. It actually was/is a thing,

yeah, but they are bollocks to the same degree. As in there is no evidence that they work.

The auto parts factory I worked in had propane fired cannons, but they were to scare off the birds, not protect from hail. The birds would get used to them, so they had to rotate through recorded startle calls and pneumatic whistles every few weeks. We had a couple of power sub-stations at the plant, and the birds loved them for some reason. The scaring was not entirely successful, and we had a few transformer blowouts due to fried birds.