All in all, there's a lot to like in Blossom Dearie

There once was a time when I couldn’t stand Blossom Dearie–not surprising that my opinion stemmed from a 20-second snippet when I was greener than a chef salad. But after listening to her sing “It Might as Well be Spring,” I’ve grown to love that crystalline, kewpie baby-doll voice. She was somehow endearing without being precious or cutesy.

I think the barrier was that my standard faves–Sarah Vaughan, Ella, Lady Day, Carmen McRae, Patricia Barber, even Diane Schuur–sound so much different. They have the classic jazz chops. I doubt the major labels today would touch Blossom if she came along, but I’m glad someone did five decades ago.

Other Blossom Dearie favorites: April in Paris, I Won’t Dance, and They Say It Won’t Last.

Don’t know much about Ms. Dearie, not even sure if she’s still with us. But if you give her a chance–try “I Won’t Dance”–I think you’ll be pleased.

Any other fans out there?

My favorite is “Unpack your Adjectives” from Schoolhouse Rock. :slight_smile:

“Figure Eight,” also from Schoolhouse Rock. The minor key, spare arrangement, and wintery setting balanced by the innocence in her voice makes it one of the most heartbreaking songs I’ve ever heard.

I have a book in which the distinguishing feature of one of the characters is a love of all things Blossom Dearie. When I read it I had no idea Blossom Dearie was a real person and wondered why the author couldn’t have picked an actual singer for the guy to be obsessed with.

I don’t listen to much jazz but I love Blossom Dearie. Her version of “Down With Love,” in particular, is superb. Much faster and more energetic than most other versions. I absolutely adore her voice.

“They Say It’s Spring”, “Always True to You in My Fashion”, “Someone to Watch Over Me”, and “Rhode Island is Famous for You”. She’s particularly good at songs with a sly wit to them (like the wonderful “Everything I’ve Got”). I’ve seen her in concert and she’s absolutely terrific (and also acts as her own pianist, for those who don’t know).

kaylasmom and I loves us some Blossom Dearie. Leave us not neglect her treatment of the Dave Frishberg classic: “My Attorney, Bernie.”

Is she still living, performing?

But of course.