All-In-One InkJets with (1) flatbed (2) ink refills

I was wondering if there’s a remote possibility that such a machine might ever come into existence:

An all-in-one ink jet color printer that features the best of all worlds; flatbed copying; inexpensive ink refills; scanning (and perhaps even faxing)

In other words, something like the Xerox Workcentre XK35c in an inkjet form that’s cheap & offers ink refills such as Nukote’s. Seems to me that that might be the ultimate in printers, just as nowadays, flat-screens or virtual goggles are considered the ultimate in monitors.

There are at least two such products available in Japan, one from Epson, the other I think from Xerox. They work as color flatbed scanners, color printers and color copiers. One has fax capability as well, I think. Are they not available in the US? I wouldn’t call them “the ultimate in printers” though. The only advantage of this over separate printers and scanners is that it’s somewhat easier to use as a copier.

DO NOT get a Xerox all in one unless you want to also be fucked by a wild mountain gorilla. They suck.

If you’re trying to save money, get on E-bay or and find a HP R40, R60, or R80. Prices should be around $250, $350, and $550, respectively.

They are all photoRET II printers (read, great print quality), relatively fast, and have flatbed scanners/copiers. The R40 does not have a built in fax, but the R60 and R80 do. The R80 also has a built in sheet feeder, too. They use the C1845D and C1823D cartridges for black and color, respectively, sold at Best Buy for (ripoff) $29.99 and $36.99, respectively.

Ink refill kits for HPs are easy to find, but WILL void your warranty.

Now, if you want the best money can buy (erm, on a budget), look into a G55, G65, or G85. They have photoRET III, which is pretty much the best print quality you can buy (1200x2400 @ 29 layers w/ 5 picoliter dot size, fabulous), will do 9 mil paper (best photo paper you can get), and are lighting fucking fast to boot. They all are scanner/copier/printers, the G55 does not fax, but the G65 and G85 do. The G85 also has, again, a built in sheet feeder. Prices should be around $499, $599, and $799, respectively. This line uses the C1845D for black also, but uses the C1878D for color. Pricing is, again, $29.99 for black, and $34.99 for color.

Hey, have fun, and if you have any more questions about printers or any other computer peripheral, feel free to direct them to



What’s up? You don’t like the G95?

Same specs as the G85 with the following exceptions:

Fax Memory: 125 pages
Speed Dial: 125 numbers
Connectivity: HP JetDirect 170X print server (in addition to IEEE 1284 and USB)
Copier Super Zoom: 25-400%
Max Copies: 99

HP Part Number: C6739A
Cartridges: 51645A, C6578AN

Sweet! Wasn’t aware of a G95. Thanks for the info.

Is it just me, or is anyone else saddened that an 18 year old would say “Sweet!” when they heard about a new business series all in one printer?


Yes like Jed Clampett observing Jethro we’re all shaking our heads and clucking “Pitiful…Pitifil”.

I have a $50 scanner and a $50 color printer(Lexmark Z11). The print quality of the lexmark is not quite photo quality, but it is good enough for most purposes. I got my fax software with my computer.

Why the hell would I need an all in one printer/copier/fax?

well… thanks everyone for the info. But I basically meant a flatbed color printer/scanner that is as space-efficient & lightweight as the forementioned Xerox, yet inexpensive, and requiring inexpensive (ink-refill) maintenance. Also, the HP seemed to me like a big lummox comparatively despite its superior operation. It’s only worth it if someone has money to burn to keep upgrading to superior yet more lightweight products. For myself it may pay to wait since technology changes so quickly.

Separate units would not be desirable for me, since I prefer space efficiency. Also I like the idea of a flatbed photocopier. Could a scanner do that instantly?

SCR4 - is there a website for the printers you mentioned? And are they as lightweight as the Xerox? Cheap ink refills?

P.S. I don’t see why people would logically want separate printers and scanners, IF there can be an all-in-one that works just as well, and also acts as an efficient xeroxer.