"All in the Family" death of Edith

I used to watch “All in the Family” back in the 70s, plus years later in reruns. I know at some point Edith died, but I don’t recall actually watching that episode. Was there actually an episode in which she died, or was her death something alluded to, say, between seasons?

She died off camera between season one and season two of “Archie Bunker’s Place” the retooled and renamed sequel to “All in the Family”. From Wikipedia:


Death gets glossed over pretty quickly in Comedy Land, which is probably why panache45 couldn’t recall exactly how this happened.

Jean Stapleton was tired of the role, and wanted out. So, she was “killed off” between seasons.

I recall that, in the first episode without Edith, Archie cries something like, “Aw Edith, I was supposed to be the one to go first…”

Otherwise, the show seemed to forget about her fairly quickly.

Yes, they did not make a big deal out of her death. I don’t think she was even mentioned much after she died.

I thought her plane went down over south Korea. Then didn’t Archie slam down some dinner plates and say “Damn, damn, damn!”

I’m confused.

Here’s the youtube clip.

You certainly are…the plane went down over the Sea of Japan. There were no survivors.
not exactly related, but one of my favorite TV moments ever was John Amos as a cop on some police drama - don’t recall which. He had arrested someone and was putting him in the car and the kid said “Hey…anyone ever tell you you look like the Good Times dad?”, for which he got shoved forcefully in the car.

Reminds me of Happy Days and the parents go to see the Music Man movie and the mom says “that kid looked just like Richie” since Ron Howard was in that movie.

There was a time on Arrested Development where somebody was arguing with another character and called him “Opie”. The show’s normally dispassionate narrator said that she had better watch her mouth. The joke was that the anonymous narrator was the show’s executive producer, Ron Howard.

I don’t remember much about “Archie Bunker’s Place,” but I do remember there was an episode in which Archie and a woman have a romantic attraction to each other, but he can’t act on it because he’s “still married.”

Archie had a minor affair when Edith was still alive.

But he didn’t leave Edith for another woman.