"All New" Friends: "All New" ER: "All New" Frazier: As Opposed To &quo

Here it is, week three of the new television season and we have the stations harping on the “All New” epsiodes.

First of all, isn’t it a bit early to be expecting repeats, so what are they trying to say?

Secondly, shouldn’t the phrase just be “New” Episode of Friends?

Thirdly, is there such a thing as “Partially New” episodes?

Clip shows are partially new. The clips are old, and the flimsy excuse the writers come up with to walk down memory lane is new.

I’ve been wondering the same thing for years.

I remember Battlestar Galactica used huge amounts of stock footage every episode … you could say those were “Partially New”. Ahh, the good old days …

“Cylon Fighters approaching!” “Launch all Vipers!”

Yeah, they had stock footage of Vipers taking off, Cylons looking over their shoulder as Vipers swooshed by, Cylons attacking in formation…I swear every space battle was made by splicing together stock footing and dialogue.

It looks like the same old crap to me.

I always like it when they tell you that the second episode of a series is all new. Instead of rerunning the first one, I guess…

I am so with you here. I suppose I wouldn’t mind if they said “brand new,” since they seem so adamant about adding that extra word there. But “all new” just straight up reeks of corporate fakeness to me.

It was originally used to describe the night. Sometimes, some shows would be new and some would be re-runs. eg, you’d get a new Friends show but a re-run of Seinfeld. Then a couple years ago, they married it up so the night would either be all re-runs or all new episodes. “Friends, Seinfeld, ER - All New!” devolved to “All New Friends”, “All New Will and Grace”, etc.

So if they’re going to run a previously unbroadcast clip show that week, do they still call it “all new”?

What if one of the shows is new, but it’s a clip show? Can they still call it all new?

Damn. Snooooopy beat me to it. Guess I should pay closer attention.

Yes they can and have. Friends was given a “jeer” in TV Guide last season for doing just that.

I was thinking about the term “brand” in “brand new”. What, exactly, does “brand” mean in that context? Or, what is the origination of the phrase?