All of This and Naked Women, Too

I just picked up a great little CD that I’m going to endorse (even though I haven’t been paid to do so, and with Heff’s millions you’d think you would make me an offer) -

Personalities and Profiles, The Playboy Interview Collection. It has every Playboy Interview from 1963 (the first one was of Miles Davis) throught 1995. Everyone who was anyone is on this CD and the insights you get into their character are great. Some clippings:

Jackie Stewart (1972): The fact that a car is like a woman, of course, means that you can do all the right things with her and she still won’t respond.

Joe Frazier (1973): The only thing I’m afrais of is the dark. I belive in ghosts.

Albert Speer (1971): There was an absolute coldness about Hitler. I never met anyone else with whom I felt the sense of something missing.

Paul Simon (1975): I’m embarassed to say that I burst into tears when I wrote and first sang “Like a bridge over troubled waters, I will lay me down.” Now it’s been sung so many times that I have no feelings about it whatsoever.

John Dean (1975): I told President Nixon ‘If you want me to go sell Wheaties, I’ll go sell Wheaties’

Jackie Gleason (1966): I drink for the honorable purpose of getting bagged.

Ray Charles (1970): Let’s say that a cat with eyes gets together with a woman. She’s got half her battle won right there. With me she’s got to show how good her talents are before I’ll even flinch.

Sean Connery (1965): I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with hitting a woman - although I don’t recommend hitting her the same way you’d hit a man.

John Wayne (1970): I believe in white supremacy until the black man has been educated enough to be resopnsible.

Where else can you read interview with everyone from Albert Schweitzer to Sharon Stone? Good stuff.

Wow, that’s some great stuff, I might have to pick that CD up next time I’m at the mall.

Hmm. you’re in Richmond, right? ::Southside here:: We should gather ‘round a few of the Richmonders sometime and go chill at a pub or somethin’. :slight_smile:

I had to order it directly from Playboy. I don’t think you can get it at retail outlets but I may be wrong.

I’ve been thinking about a Richmond DopeFest for a bit. Legends Brewery on the deck overlooking the river seems like a great place to start.

I just thought I’d hijack and say that the title of this thread describes my second job perfectly.