All ready for Eurovision?

That time of year is rolling around again.
Sweden has now chosen its entry for this years Eurovision. Not my favourite, and a little more pop than Eurovision, but quite a good song, and very catchy, I am sure to be sick of it in a week or two.

Has your country chosen a contender yet? Any good?

Ireland did the same thing as last year and held a Pop Idol style audition thing which came down to 2 fellas who sang two songs that had been put forward for the Eurovision. I can’t remember who won and I couldn’t even hum one line of the song (and I’m a HUGE Eurovision fan), I think I stopped paying attention after the girl (who was spot on for Eurovision) got voted out. I do know that Brian McFadden (ex Westlife) co-wrote the song, I don’t reckon it’s a Euro winner …

One of the things I miss most about no longer living in Europe is not being able to see Eurovision! For a few years, even had friends tape the show and had it transfered to the American video format.

Years ago, it was the epitome of high camp…I would invite friends over, we would have lots of beer and just laugh and laugh and laugh at the wretched songs from some of the smaller countries…I remember a truly horrible Finnish song that was about nuclear bombs that I think had the chorus, “boom boom boom…”. My only recent Eurovision “fix” was a 60 minute documentary they showed on IFC about Estonia Goes To Eurovision. It was a classic.

It seems that Eurovision has now gone the way of American Idol…they really do take it more seriously and pick songs that might actually make the charts instead of pleasing the local folk…and sadly, it seems everybody sings in English now, but I might be wrong about that.

Nothing more fun than listening to some airhead pissing off an entire country when, for instance, Austria calls in and says, “Deutschland, deux punkt…” and the entire German population swears not to go to Austria for vacation that year (a true story).

Ah…wish I were there. Do me a favor and start another thread that night so I can at least re-live the experience vicariously!!!

When will it be on? Any chance that it’ll be on BBCAmerica (I have that on my digital cable)? I’d really like to watch!

I’ll be watching it if I’m in. Its quite funny to watch. I don’t even know who’s singing for England this year, but they couldn’t possibly be worse then last year…


Of course, one of the joys of watching Eurovision on the BBC is commentator Terry Wogan taking the piss out of the whole thing. Tell me, fellow Eurodopers, is it the same in other countries? Some of them seem to take it terribly seriously.

Oh, and on the subject of voting, one of the developments in recent years has been the addition of loads of eastern European and Balkan countries. This has led to sort of regional voting blocs - something that Wogan got uncharacteristically heated about last year, calling the voting a ‘farce’, as I remember. So you get, for example, Belarus voting for Ukraine, who vote for Russia, who vote for Belarus. Another classic one is Greece and Cyprus, who always give each other the maximum douze points.

Terry Wogan’s commentary is wonderful! I probably would stop watching it if he stopped doing it.

Won’t be the same, will it? I wonder who they’re grooming to take over (can’t be long now) - Jonathan Ross, perhaps? If he would stoop that low.

Well, I am all set over here - the German contender was chosen this weekend in the new hip Eurovision selection show “Germany 12 points” (oy vay).

It’s Max who won some sort of Alterna-German-Idol-Goes-Eurovision thingy before he proceeded to trounce such esteemed competition as Scooter (Warning: link leads to site with loud obnoxious fake techno-music).

Actually, Scooter would have been the logical choice after we embarrassed ourselves last year with Lou singing “Let’s get happy let’s be gay” to keep up the image of horrible, horrible German entries to the Eurovision contest. And to be honest, isn’t that why we’re all watching? To see people of different nations embarrass themselves? Ah, fondly I remember that Russian boy band…or wherever they came from…who had this choreography that looked kind of like an early Kraftwerk video. Those were the days.

As is, the German entry isn’t that bad. It’s not very spectacular but nice to listen to, a rather subdued soul number called Can’t wait until tonight and Max really can sing. But I fear that his unibrow appeal will lose in the presence of scantily clad Turkish vixens.

A few years back when Ireland kept winning every year, it was all terribly serious, I remember Pat Kenny nearly having a fit everytime they said Iceland - thinking Ireland was getting a rubbish mark. They’ve got someone else hosting on RTE now - Marty somethingorother, and he tries to “do” a Wogan. And he can’t.

Bim Bom Bam

Ding-a-dong every hour
When you pick a flower
Even when your lover is gone, gone, gone

(actual lyrics from a Eurovision-winning song)

Funny you should mention that one, I have had it stuck in my head for 3 days now, was singing it as I came into work this morning, and then here it was!

*When you’re feeling alright
Everything is up-tight
Try to sing a song that goes ding, ding a dong!
There will be no sorrow
When you’ll sing tomorrow
And you walk along with your ding dang dong! * :eek:

Last year, as you know, was my first one and I cannot wait until it’s time to see/hear the magnificent talent again!

Yes. I’m serious!

Of course, whoever it is will never reach the dizzy heights of Ooh Aah Just a Little Bit

I hate Eurovision, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Bucks’ Fizz and Abba.

Not that I was alive when either of them won, but Mum reminisces fondly about them and even in my leather-jacket-and-Iron-Maiden-patched-jeans days I always sang along to Fernando

When is it on?

15 May


Thank you!!

There was something in the air that night
The stars were bright, Fernando
They were shining there for you and me
For liberty, Fernando…