All right, which of you people knew about this?

My family threw me a (very early) surprise birthday party. Two months early, in fact. Claiming it’s for two of my sisters’ birthdays from earlier this month (so I show up at my own surprise party with gifts for them).

I’m guessing TubaDiva knew (unless “that tuba person” is tubagirl, but I don’t have either one’s email in my Outlook Express, and TubaDiva’s is easier to find on this board, and my sister who confessed to emailing people knows I post to this board). Who else? 'Fess up.

I’d offer to ship you all cake, but there’s not enough left for everyone. :wink:

I didn’t know. Nobody tells me anything.

But happy birthday, slightly–or not-so-slightly–early.

(Aw, c’mon…just a littlepiece of cake!)

[milton]Last time I did not receieve a piece.[/milton]

:expression of angelic innocence:

Why, I knew nothing about it!

:/expression of angelic innocence:

Happy early one!

Happy happy early birthday!!

so… if this is a good thing, can I claim I know…? I would like cake… Nevermind :frowning: I wasn’t involved.

“Not I” said the Duck! :frowning: