All these LEDs on my laptop, how much power do they drain?

Even in powersaving mode, there are a dozen or so LEDs on my laptop, burning bright, like a tiger in the night, and I really don’t need them. My laptop has short enough power life as it is, and I count 14 LEDs going at all times. Collectively they seem brighter than the screen itself! Plus, they are annoying. Perhaps there is a utility that will quench them? This is fairly new HP.

I don’t know Volts from Ohms… but LED’s are supposed to be like 95% more efficient than Incandescant bulbs.

If I had to take a stab, I’d put them on par w/ what they say the average electricity eatings of TV/DVD over a year are. If you leave them plugged in, the cost of the actual TV watching time = 90-95% of total electricity. The other 5-10% is the clock/LED/other system stuff, running while the TV isn’t projecting anything.

Dunno if that helps, but hope it might. :slight_smile:

14? Seriously, fourteen? What the heck laptop do you have, anyway?

Really small ones (3-5mm) run at 2V/2-20 mA. That gives a roughly power band of 4-40mW. With 14 of them (Yikes!) they are drawing anywhere between 56-560 mW.

I’d believe it. Mine has 8 LEDs under the keypad (Power On, Battery/Mains, Wireless, Hard Disk, Docking Station, Keypad lock, Number lock, Caps lock). It also has a separate power LED on the power switch itself. Those are pretty much standard on all laptops these days. I know some brands also duplicate these on the side of the case so they can be seen when the case is closed. Add in a temperature warning light and a network cable LED and it wouldn’t astound me to find laptops with >14 LEDs.

Now why they would all be on in power save mode is another question. Sounds like someone has configured their machine so that it never goes into standby/hibernation.

I suppose 14 isn’t too strange - but 14 on at the same time, all the time? That would be odd.

To put that into perspective, if you were to run all 14 at once, continuously, connected to the cheapest old carbon-zinc D-cell flashlight battery, it would last 1/2 of a month to 5-1/2 months, depending on the efficiency of the LEDs. A alkaline or good NiMH battery will go up to about 8 months.

So they are a really minor load on the battery. For example, on HP’s mini 1000 netbook, if it had 14 LED and nothing else powered up, it would last about 6 months (1 year if you had the extra battery pack).

Yup, my HP laptop has 14 of those little suckers. And yes, they don’t use much power…practically none!

It must have at least one light to tell you when the laptop is off…

And don’t forget about the one that tells you you are on battery power and the battery is dead :wink:

If youve ever opened a laptop you’ll see they tend to use those really tiny LEDs, not the big round ones you see everywhere. Theyre on the lower end of the cites you see for LED power usage. I would think just turning down your LCD backlight one tick would save more energy than they use. Not to mention theyre not always on. The caps light lock isnt on when its not pressed, etc.