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Probably looking for brains to eat at this point. At least the guillotine makes for the efficient production of easy-to-carry snack containers.

He he

As if you have a choice… ( though I don’t know why you are awaiting the coming of China “with hopeful anticipation.”)

If you’re not going to take the time to figure out how politics works and how to apply leverage to the system, you’re going to get screwed. Vague idealistic maunderings serve the needs of the ruling elites. Stop bitching and work to get better people elected to public office.

Probably the pandas.

I agree with you on many points. I am ready to face whatever will become of our once beautiful Country. I am poor myself but I never give up. It is not just the rich that help the poor. Sometimes even the poor help the poor too.

Sometimes it is hard to see the elephant in the room. It is easier to just pretend it is not there or argue I don’t see any elephant in this room? What elephant? Until it decides to sit down and we are all squashed under it’s weight.

Things used to make sense to me but now not much does. I try and keep it in today and just live a good life while I still can. As an independent thinker I have always looked at the bigger picture. Still I have been mislead at times and never saw it coming. Thinking my employer had my best interest at heart and 401k’s were safe.

I was thinking yesterday of my Father. I used to come home from school and he would be watching ‘The World At War’ on the tv. He would shut it off but I would always see just a peek of it. One day I asked him why he watched such a depressing program and he said, so I never forget. He told me to always question authority, It is the only thing that will keep us from another Hitler.

Hitler was an elected official but he still brainwashed good people into doing horrible things. Our government is doing horrible things and if good men don’t stand up pretty soon we won’t be able to.

We used to complain to our elected officials. We used to picket and have marches to get the change we wanted. Now that the top is all corrupt how do we go about changing the problem?

lurking guest, it really would help if you composed your thoughts into paragraphs. Regardless I don’t think your style of social criticism is going to play well with this audience.

A lot of them. In fact I’d say too many people decide “I’m on team Republican!” “I’m on team Democrat!” without really caring if they get anything done.

But most of us want different things. Otherwise there wouldn’t be anything to argue about. And “we” want them for different reasons and in different ways.

Don’t be too idealistic. People don’t always like the truth.

But there’s very broad disagreement on how those things can be done and how they should be paid for. Both of those are a big deal.

I don’t have children, but no, I don’t care about this.

That’s not true either, and it annoys me when people idealize childhood into this state of being completely free of ulterior motives where everyone loves everyone. Children are just as capable of dividing themselves into groups based on superficial differences as adults are. Maybe more so.

How is their track record so far?

Who are you talking to, and why do you think they are reading this board?

This thread is REALLY hard to read.

Or should I say:

This thread


Really Ha

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Bah. No rhyme?

Debates are just
Plain folks behaving
Like little distinctions
Are worth the shaving
Burma Shave

A pony can be a great comfort in times of trouble.

Or starvation.

Fuck Jesus.

No, no, no. You’ve got to reverse the polarity. It’s the only way to achieve Ponytopia. And there’s hookers and blow there too (but alas, only for the ponies).

He has extra holes to do it with, even.

You are projecting your own thoughts onto others.

Nope. I’m just looking around and seeing people buying and selling things to each other, with both parties trying to obtain the best deal.

It is just simply not the case that wanting to help other people is the default state and everything that departs from that is something artificial that is imposed on “us” by “them” (ie, the “money makers” and other boogey men cited by our esteemed OP). But I guess all that will change once we all come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

And he’s hung like THIS.

Is he hung like…a pony?


Dunno about that but he’s definitely hung. On wood!

Run for President then.

I’d love to know how you are so certain of basic human nature. Describing your own belief system and then assuming other people follow is not very convincing. But I suppose this thread is not the place for that discussion.

Wayne’s world Crazy on!

It’s also not the case that if an individual feels a certain notion about humanity, that all humanity must feel exactly the same as them.

Another thing is, you’re assuming humans have a default state. A little question begging there.