ALL this Political Talk...

Don’t know if “Great Debates” is the Forum to post this, but…

Really? What average person cares about the damn Republicans or Democrats in our Congress?

We WANT things.

Truth. Straightforwardness.

WE want solutions to the problems of this country.

We want our children to have the highest education possible.

We want our children to have the best health care possible.

We want our children to grow up proud of their own country, but to be aware that every person in every country on the face of this earth wishes the EXACT same things for their children.

CHILDREN don’t CARE about the stupid geographical ‘lines’ or the stupid cultural ‘lines’ or the stupid political ‘lines’…

Oh my goodness. Do we really believe that any child born anywhere would first seek their Geographical or Racial or Ethnic grounds in order to feel nurtured or loved by a Mother and Father?


WE shame them; endoctrinate them; educate them; influence them… to play competitive games on this planet.

And how has that worked for us?
I can see two “Roads” diverging: Those who see nothing in the future but Global sharing of making the “Dow Jones Average” and the “Nasdaq” stock exchange and increase of profits and the continuing subjugation of lesser empowered nations something to be striven for…

…and those who would like…

Globalization that values something more than MONEY. And Power.

Is it possible?

Can the Christians of the World REALLY pass on Christ’s admonishments to “feed the hungry”, “clothe the naked” … “heal the sick”…"…visit those in prison"…



WE ARE BEGGARS. (The rest of us.)

QUIT**** trying to increase your advantage - and just recognize …

We “get” you.

We are not stupid.

Wars. Soldiers. Accountants who are willing to ‘Sell Out’ - across the Globe and in every Country WILL NOT WIN.

One day you will be facing the anger and frustration of the folks comprising the French Revolution.

Most people are compassionate, easy-going, eager (even) to forgive total narcicisitc assholes…but, Worldwide…these people are almost ‘Done.’

What shall we do?

Believe Obama or ANY other of the Worldwide Leaders.

Hehehe - “Globalization”…Hehehe…"One World Government:…

What a joke?!


If, EVEN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…men (harrummph) are “agreed” that the ‘workers’ shall provide the Revenue for the Resources of the Oligrarchy…

…we are doomed.

To subservience.


Ready for your laughs.

I ain’t doing anything about it until you tell me what is the American Bastille that we need to storm.

It’s what Michael Steele call’s his house.

The only thing

I want to laugh at

is how disjointed

your post is.

Group your coherent thoughts

into paragraphs.

Trust me,

it reads much better.
With that out of the way, let’s just say that I agree with you in principle in that party affiliation shouldn’t matter and that the politicians should be working for the greater good, but otherwise you sound like a first or second year political science major. Ranting against globalization? “Resources of the Oligarchy”? One can only hope that you’ll grow out of this.

Hi. :slight_smile:

Here’s the thing you’re not getting. You seem to think that sharing and making things better for other people and happiness and sunshine are the default state of what everyone wants for other people. But that’s just not the case. We humans like competing. Competing is as natural a part of being human as hugging children and rainbows and fluffy clouds.

Really, Rand Rover?


Oh, wait.

I’m a Christian.

Do you REALLY believe that Christ loves COMPETITION?

Do you REALLY believe that He prizes one, or another of His children “getting the best of” another?

On any Continent; at any Time; for any Reason?

Does He “Love” one individual Person more than another? One Continenet more than another?

How about Zimbabwians vs. Russians vs. Australians vs. Spainiards vs. Brazilians vs. South Americans vs. Swedans vs. Irish vs. Afghanistanis vs. Pakistanis vs. Iranians vs. Iraqis vs. Saudis vs. Italians vs. …WTF…vs WHOMEVER…

The fiercest fights must NO LONGER be over countries or boundaries or financial influence or military might…

The fiercest fights must be over…getting RID of the “fiercest fights”…

Must be ACCEPTING of the FACT that EACH and EVERY parent on the face of this Earth, no matter what Government they live under - want their children to be free and to have the potential of their children given recourse to be considered.

Globilization in the Economic Market?

It matters to how many people?

Parents wanting their children to be happy and content and to love and be fulfilled by extended family and friends?

Come on billions.

Screw the Money Makers.

Time to get back to Basics.


Let me see… You’re mad as hell, and you’re not going to take it any more? Is that it?

I want…

…a pony.


xtjsme…you want a pony… how about, what?..something more salient?

How about something more than that?

How about this?

I want something MORE from YOU xtisme than "I want…
…a pony.



How about a VOICE about what you want from Government?

How about what you want for your brothers and sisters on this planet?

“OH NOES…someone is asking me to stick my neck out and do something more than criticism…”

That being said… I hope you get the pony you want - if that will satisfy you.

I just want a pony.

Really, that’s it.

I like ponies.

Well, and hookers and blow.

And small furry animals.

Um, can I get a llama too?


In fact, forget the small furry animals!

Who knows if you’ll get a pony?

Perhaps you will.

Do you REALLY want nuclear, “Arms Race” competition with the World?

Do you REALLY want “Who Has The Most Money and Influence and Can Subjucate the Most People in the World” ?

Christ wanted egalitarianism.

He wanted His children to love one another. Worldwide. Globally.

Not make Profit from one for another.

Do you think?

I’m in a 12 step program, but…


I think Christ wants me to have a pony. And a nice plump hooker and some blow. And a llama.

I’m unsure about his thoughts on small furry animals, however, so I have to concede that part…



are just the Man

trying to keep you down.

Burma Shave.

Airman Doors I know you don’t think Christ loves all of this bullshit.

And of course, anyone wanting to have a full-fledged discussion will automatically object to short sentences. Discount them. Criticize them.

My question is this: Do you want to hold onto your geographical country, your philosophy, your form of government, your financial advantage, your social advantage, your educational advantage, MORE than your connections to EVER SINGLE PERSON on the face of this Earth…or not?

Nuclear, financial advantage.

Get over it.

China is coming.

If we hang on to financial advantage globally - we will subsumed …soon.

Somehow, some way…we must turn the world from competition for “stuff” and “power” into competition for the values that are timeless.


It’s worked out pretty well for me, thanks.

Speak for yourself. I work for a living.

What are French revolutionaries doing in the US?

Airman…hold out for the pony. You don’t need all those advantages, but a pony…that’s forever man.

I’m starting to tear up here… sniffle

It isn’t just for breakfast anymore, you know? Seriously, and I’m only saying this because I care…there are a lot of decaffeinated brands on the market that are just as tasty as the real thing.

I prefer conventional financial advantage, personally. It’s less…messy.

It was the furry animals comment, wasn’t it? Damn. Well, hopefully we’ll be able to get an umbrella or something.

Maybe we’ll be sublimed instead?

Ponies…ponies are timeless. I think that, short of a pony event horizon, we’d be good going the pony route. You don’t have to include the hookers and blow if you don’t want too…it’s cool.

Up the voltage?



How does one argue against such a substantive person?

I give.

Interesting…I was just wondering the same thing. Coincidence or alien astronauts? You decide.

Excellent! I will await my pony and the coming of China with hopeful anticipation…