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Daddy, is it really just The Man talking, or is there such a thing as “justice?”

Why yes, Little B, there sure is.

So, how many years of therapy do you think this guy just worked through in the ten minutes or so he was locked in a room with his former molestor?

Molester Attacked By His Victim At County Jail

Miller, I think this cat can permanently dump his shrink now. This case ought to be a sentencing guideline for kiddie rapers.

Question 1: If Flores is prosecuted, do the circumstances get to the jury (in the guilt phase)?

Question 2: What the hell was Escobar thinking?
Bricker? Anyone?

  1. Flores will get to testify why he jumped on the guy - don’t know about convictions etc.

  2. I assume you mean why is lawyer admitting; probably because it is true, they aren’t going to deny it in court, and in all liklihood it is good for the case…missing a tooth, unconscious, everybody (or most) can get behind that given circumstances.

Anyone else?

I think it would be introduced ina diminished capacity defense. That he had been troubled and tormented by the memory of what happened and when he saw his molestor, he *just[/n] snapped, lost control in a rage.

I don’t think a jury will convict.

All I can say is…good for him.

I’m guessing it wouldn’t be hard to find a shrink to testify that Flores went temporarily cuckoo when he saw his molester. The jury will probably not need a very big hook to hang an acquittal on.

That’s if it goes to trial at all which is doubtful. He’s more likely to plead to a misdemeanor assault charge.

Normally I don’t condone violence and I’m not a violent person. The only time I have hit anyone was when I was defending myself against assault. That being said, when reading the article my first thought was to cheer for Flores. I could go off on a rant about child molesters but I won’t. All I will say if it had been me in the same situation I would have done exactly what Flores did.

Let’s wait and see how this plays out before we start feeling smug. How will you feel when the molester successfully sues the county for not protecting him, and his victim is convicted of assault? Of course that shouldn’t happen, but all too frequently, it does.

This is why I believe that we have karma in our lifetime.

Think of the cheering squad he had on his side.

maybe we can get Jason Edward Flores victims and have a cage match

Random, I doubt that a diminished capacity defense would be available as a matter of law, if that’s what you mean by your first question. This isn’t a battered woman situation; indeed, there’s a 10-year gap here between the provocation and the assault. Didn’t I read something once about a notorious case from England in which a teenager was denied a jury instruction on manslaughter after he killed a guy who was taunting him about having sodomized him the week before the murder?

Whatever you think of the merits of the argument that victims ought to be able to inflict violence on their abusers, the criminal law typically takes a dim view of it. Indeed, one cultural explanation for the criminal law explains that its very purpose is to prevent victims from taking revenge. (I’m thinking of Aeschelus’s Orestia, though I’ve probably horribly flubbed the spelling of author and title (assuming that it’s Aeschelus and not Sophocles.)

Of course, the abstract principles of the criminal law come into play only after the prosecutor commences a case. Some sort of favorable plea arrangement, perhaps?