All Tomorrows by Nemo Ramjet (Speculative Future Human Biology)

All Tomorrows by Nemo Ramjet (PDF)

I know this is old but I stumbled upon it again and figured this is just the sort of thing people here would like. I searched and didn’t find any threads or posts about it. This is interesting if you like science fiction and speculative biology.

Summary: future human civilization is destroyed by the Qu, a godlike race of aliens with advanced genetic and nanotechnology manipulation capabilities. Instead of wiping out humanity completely they cruelly change us into different forms as punishment for resisting. When they leave our galaxy their grotesque human experiments begin to evolve independently across the different worlds.

I like the colonials, the high gravity lopsiders, and the spacers and their derivatives myself. All are great nightmare fuel.

You might be interested in Man After Man, too. Dixon’s also done one on just animals without people.

Yeah, I was a fan of Dixon as a kid.

I take it you know the Snaiad site, BTW? Unusual biology, but I have a soft spot for anyone who’d name his speculative animals “fuckers” and not come across as creepy.