All your base are belong to us! Spiderman style!

Baseball sells out to Spider-Man

Ogdammit! Is nothing sacred anymore?

Base cameras I can deal with. The ads behind the batters and on the outfield fence I can deal with. Ads on the bases I can’t deal with… sigh

“Oooo. Bagwell pops up to third. That pop up brought to you by Pop Tarts! A great breakfast!”

Disgusting. It also violates a rule in baseball that the bases must be white. All white. Not white-with-a-pattern-on-it.

No big deal. Last year at Pac Bell Park they had some sort of deal with Yahoo! where instead of saying “play ball” they played the “Yahoo!” yodel. THAT was freaky.

Frankly, the more interesting things to look at during a ball game the better.