Allergic to cold?

A 25 year old woman in today’s Dear Abby claims to be allergic to cold -

Huh? Has anybody ever heard of such a thing?

She goes on to state that she has a handicap parking permit for this so she can park as close to entrances as possible.

Yes, severe cold can trigger an allergic reaction.

Yes, it exists.

Search under cold anaphylaxis. For example here.

I think the lady has much bigger problems than dirty looks from passerby when she uses her placard. And those problems have a very simple solution: a solution that involves a moving truck and a map of the southern U.S.

Isn’t that a complicated solution? Why uproot your entire life if you’ve already managed to deal with your allergy?

Seems to me like the risks would be too great. All it takes is one slip-up and she’s screwed.

I would agree. Though I do understand that moving, changing jobs or whatever can be a big deal.

I live in a cold climate. I have no problem with it. I don’t know too many people that dislike the cold that stick around. I suspect that the main reason that people don’t make it here is the long winters.

But sheess, anaphylactic shock? The equator would be looking pretty good to me.