Allergy Shots

Mild seasonal allergies have been a problem all my life. I’ve had several bouts with chonic sinusitis, leading to two sinus surgeries. After getting our first dog last December, I realized that my stuffiness, headaches and wheezing had gotten unmanageable. So, I’ve been receiving allergy shots for about six months. They’ve definitely been helpful.

Anyone else on allergy shots? Any tips for a newbie? Any entertaining/informative stories?

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Hmmmmm…funny story-
My dog has severe allergies. How do we know? He was itching a LOT and such, and they gave him an allergy test. Shaved part of his side and marked it off like a 12 square grid, then did the testing. He looked like he had a tic-tac-toe board on him! The worst part is, he came back HIGHLY allergic to everything they tested for:
pollen, grass, lamb (as in food), soy, meat-by-products, and on and on. The funny part is, I guess that he looked so damned funny with that grid on him, marked off in red marker.
Anyway, $400 later and about 8 weeks worth of shots (he has a great spirit and seriously didn’t mind), change of diet and an air filter in the house and he turned out great. No need to repeat the shots at all this year.

I had allergy shots throughout high school (allergic to pretty much anything). Since they are shooting you up with things that you’re allergic to, you’re suppose to build up immunity to the buggers (eventually). Unfortunetly for me, I had several “reactions” to the shots and had to discontinue.

Recently I’ve read that shots do not build up tolerance to the allergen in the body - in other words, they don’t work. This obviously is debatable, as they work for you.

I also had dogs growing up and am allergic to them. The best advice I can give you: get rid of all carpeting in the house or vacuum it every day (hardwood floors look cooler anyway). Bathe the dog once a week with an anti-dander shampoo. Don’t let the dog in your bedroom - ever (you’ll have a safe haven if your nose starts dripping). Get a poodle - their fur is different than other dogs’ (more like hair).

Good luck!

I went through the whole testing bit. Turned out highly allergic to almost everything on the list but dogs. Go figure.

So, we started off my shots with the lowest dose. Then they gave me benedryl and watched for anaphylaxis since I broke out in hives.

We tried again the next week, on a synthetic version. Then they gave me benedryl and watched for anaphylaxis since I broke out in hives.

I was too allergic to tolerate the shots. Apparently this was their first case like that, and they spent an awful lot of time yelling at me and trying to figure out “What I had done beforehand” that I was really allergic to, since it couldn’t have possibly been the allergy shot composed of, go figure, things I was allergic to.

No more shots.

My son and my father-in-law went through the series of allergy shots and it helped both of them alot. Sometimes modern medicine works!

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Been on them for maybe 8 years or so. At the beginning once a week, now a small shot every month does me. Helps a lot. A dairy farmer with allergies, go figure. Had a tough time of it in high school but once I started the shots it helped tremendously. Tests came out positive for several types of grasses that are common in our hay and also molds that can be found pretty often on the farm as well.

Two surguries and shots. I thought my allergies were bad. I have two cats but I developed allergies somewhere between moving into our house and buying the cats. I think the carpets is what’s bothering me. The previous owner had a dog. I started buying Benadryl at Costco. I think I need a prescription.