Allergy to lobster but no other shellfish?

My 12yo daughter is reporting a slight allergy to lobster, mostly mild skin flushing and irritation.

But she still loves crab and shrimp.

Is this possible, how common is it, and can I safely give her other shellfish?

Could have been improperly cleaned, stored or prepared. My brother had some bad shrimp once (frozen and improperly thawed) years ago and every once in a while he’ll have slight reaction. Lobsters, crab and shrimp are bottom dwelling scavengers and even caught in the same waters could have been eating different things.

I wrote in another thread that the Chinese doctor told my ex to keep away anything that was a scavenger, including bottom feeding fish like mullet and duck because they sometimes eat from things from the bottom of the water. She wasn’t a shellfish eater (clams, oysters, mussels, etc), but those weren’t strictly forbidden because they’re filter feeders.

Ducks are generally divided into puddle/dabbling ducks and diving ducks. The former are the ones you’re most likely to eat and don’t generally eat off the bottom.

For OP, getting her screened would be the best long-term solution. Her reported issue doesn’t sound impossible.

Was the lobster prepared with other ingredients, or just steamed alone?

It’s just that flushing/redness can be associated with a sensitivity to msg which is often an additive to seafood ‘dishes’.

I think she’s had the reaction at least two, maybe three times with lobster.

Once from a restaurant (Maine), then twice from Sam’s Club (Caribbean).

Likely every time she’s ever had it.

We only drew correlation the last time, so I don’t think it had to do with the most recent batch or techniques.

The answer thelurkinghorror gave is the correct one: yes, it is possible, and the way to find out is an allergy screening.

That two animals look similar to human eyes doesn’t mean their proteins are; conversely, foods which look very different can trigger the same allergy. You need an allergologist, not a forum.

And stop giving her lobster until you’ve had her to the doctor.

While it’s somewhat more common for allergies to be broader, such as to all shellfish or all finned fish, many allergies are quite specific like that, to a particular protein found only in a particular genus or species.

So yes, it’s possible.

I’ve known people who are allergic to one shellfish but not another, who can eat shrimp and lobster but not crab.

Yup, my dad is allergic to all shellfish … except oysters.

Me. I can eat shrimp, clams, and oysters with no ill effects. Lobster sometimes give me intestinal distress, but that is a recent occurrence. Crabs I am allergic to, with varying severity depending on the particular variety of crab. Dungeness crab I get hives from just shelling them, other crabs to a lesser extent (snow crabs I can shell with no problem). Not sure about blue crabs, but I got a really bad stomach ache once from some fried fish at a crab house - I suspect the same fryer was used for soft shell blue crabs.

Yes, an allergy screening is indicated. Call her doctor and ask about scheduling one.

And should probably do so fairly soon, like in the next few months.
It’s common for allergies to cover more than just one specific item. And it’s also common for allergies to become worse – her body’s defenses are triggered by the first dose of the allergen, and produce stronger defenses against the next dose (like immunization reactions). So the allergic reaction can get much worse (even life-threatening) the next time she eats it. So it would be well to know her allergy trigger(s).

And in the meantime, do NOT let her eat lobster again!

I’ve had allergic reactions while eating only twice in my life- both times from, apparently, lobster. I’ve never reacted to any other shellfish, and it’s only happened those two times.

So, yeah, I’d agree with the hypothesis that it’s something that the lobster ate, rather than the lobster itself.

Ducks are fish again? Next Friday I’ll party like it’s 1499! Maybe eat some beaver, too.

ETA: My one trip to the ER came after eating halibut. With no recurrences I’ve come to believe it was because the fish had been preserved with sulfites.

Oysters are shellfish? I thought the term referred to crustaceans.

Crustaceans and mollusks.

I’m allergic to snails but nothing else with a shell.

I had severe reaction to oysters the three times I had them. The first two times I thought it was likely just bad oysters. Never again.

My son has a similar reaction to clams, though he’s not crazy about them anyway. Same with me and oysters.

My daughter has it with shrimp, which unfortunately she loves.