- I'm an expert! WOO!

Do we have any other experts here? Anyone familiar with this site?

I think it’s a cool idea, and I’m guessing that while I won’t get paid, it’ll look nice on a resume…

Yer pal,

[cartman voice]
“OH… Maa… Gawd!”
[/cartman voice]

you messed up the second link, It should be this

Did I get it right?

I sold my soul to Satan for a dollar. I got it in the mail.

no, I didn’t, here

I sold my soul to Satan for a dollar. I got it in the mail.

Or you can just click here!!

Neither Surgo nor myself are experts in UBB coding, that’s for sure… :wink:

Yer pal,

It’s called copy & paste, gentlemen… works every time… :smiley:

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

Try the tests…you to could be an ‘expert’.

They need a sex category.

Kellibelli: While I do have a resume with a few nice ladies on it as personal references, I think it would be best if a sexoologist applied for the post… :smiley:

Yer pal,

Boy the ‘expert’ titla isnt going to your head or anything…

I meant ME, eh?

Well, congrats on your new status, Satan! So, what kinda questions ya want to up yer count?

The ride is short and the thrills are cheap- Men and rollercoasters. - - -Courtesy of Wally, that Signifying Guy.

Damnit Satan…now that you are a taken man…aka engaged, you really should refrain from posting your picture.

Sorry Libby, but he’s drool material :smiley:

Why are you APOLOGIZING to me for this? :wink:

I know a real expert. I’m in awe. Of course I couldn’t get the site to respond, but I’m still in awe. Congrats!!

The operation? Well, now I walk like a duck, but I won’t sue 'cause I’m getting a lot of laughs.

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I just swept the history category, so apparently I’m an expert too. Compared to the Bricker Challenge or some of the other “tests” I’ve seen posted here, it was easy. After you’ve run with the pack here, all the lesser boards fail to impress.

I forgot to mention… I’m an expert at the music business. Yeah, yeah, not as hot a subject there as N’Sync or Pokemon, but still…

Yer pal,

*Major Independent Music Label *

There HAS to be an oxymoron in there somewhere!


Not Voted, **Coolest, Dumbest, Happiest, Drunkest, Surliest, Gayest, Most Godly, or anything else! ** Damn you all to HELL!

Where’s my side of FUN!?

Well, apparently I’m an expert on movies, movie stars, and history. No, I didn’t sweep any of them. I missed a few. But the test was so nice–it kept giving me a chance to go back & become an expert!

Cristi, Slayer of Peeps

I made my husband join a bridge club. He jumps next Tuesday.

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To whomever gave me the nice feedback, thanks! I didn’t even have to answer a question for ya!

To the person who asked me what the three words that end in -gry are… :mad: :smiley:

Yer pal,