Allison Mack: actress, sex cult leader, felon.

I’ve been reading this story of months, but haven’t noticed it discussed here on the Dope. Allison Mack (probably best known as Chloe on Smallville, but I also liked her on the short-lived Opposite Sex) joined a sex cult, rose to the top of the ranks, and recruited and blackmailed other women to be sex slaves. She has now been arrested. Also associated with the cult (but not yet arrested, it seems) is Mack’s Smallville costar, Kristin Kreuk.

(If this cult really wanted more membership, they should have advertised sex with Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk. They could have led a worldwide revival!)

That guy looks exactly like somebody… I don’t know the name of. Young Andrew McCarthy maybe? Or perhaps he’s just a generic white guy.

Agreed. I never cared much for Miss Concussion-of-the-Week, but Miss Wall-of-Weird was right in my wheelhouse. I had such a crush on her, which is why I’m now so horribly fascinated with all the latest news stories about her.

I’d heard something about this before; would have sworn it was here. I did a search and couldn’t find anything, though.

Reminds me of Grant Goodeve.

I didn’t watch Smallville, so I assume that’s Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack, respectively. And I agree, devastatingly cute, but now seriously skeevy.

The article I read said Kreuk ended any association with them several years ago, before any of this stuff happened.

And how the hell do you pronounce NXIVM?

It seems it is pronounced 15 to life…

She’s a felon?

the V is actually a Latin U, so it’s pronounced “Nexium.”

That’s how they roped in the victims. They thought they were getting treatment for acid reflux.

I guess nothing says “top quality sex trafficking” like a Latin U.

Whew. I was gonna say… I had looked up Kreuk’s wikipedia page in recent months and didn’t see connection with all this.

I am more than a little intrigued about how a dopey-looking middle-aged white guy of middling intelligence and no particular notoriety convinced a modestly-successful attractive Hollywood starlet to recruit sex slaves for him (among other people he duped).

And does he have a newsletter?

I will point you in the direction of Scientology as a relevant example. Have you ever SEEN L Ron Hubbard? He even invoked sci-fi aliens and it still worked.

My opinion is that most hollywood starlets either had shitty or controlling parents, and then came to hollywood to be directed by a rotating cast of shitty/controlling directors of various levels of intelligence or notoriety, so this dude was just more of the same, with a hefty dose of ‘you’re special and sexy and deserve to be in the top ranks of my super secret taboo sex club being worshipped by other girls who in hollywood might otherwise be getting cast in the roles you had wanted’ to sweeten the deal.

Power (especially taboo power) and specialness. Gets people every damn time.

Well I’m more optimistic about MY future now, if nothing else.

I’ve been following this for a while. Seeing how sickly Mack looks, I’m not entirely sure how much control she actually had on the situation. She looks just as abused as the others. She just seems to have worked her way up in the cult. And it is a cult–using the techniques from Scientology’s worst parts.

I definitely don’t assume Kreuk was involved. The way these things work, there is an outer layer of respectability, and an inner circle that engages in the bad stuff. And Kreuk left a while back. If she can leave, then she wasn’t very deep. They didn’t have enough blackmail on her to keep her in.

I’m not saying any of this because of my affection for these actors. It’s just based on what I see when I look into this, and what I remember when I used to research cults. It seems weird that Mack would have had that Twitter statement, and not tried to leave unless they were blackmailing her.

I very much expect her defense to be that she was being forced to do things. And while she may have some crimes herself, I bet they will be smaller ones.

It’s the leader who is always the worst. If she were truly second in command, she would be living it up, not being emaciated like the others.

I’m guessing that facing a long prison sentence, Mack is going to plead brainwashing and a jury will probably buy it. I’m agnostic as to how much control she had in this situation.

If you get them to say it backwards, it’ll disappear.

Though Kristin Kreuk does not look like to be involved in the skeevy parts, actress Nicki Clyne, who was Cally Tyrol on Battlestar Galactica, does appear to be deep in amongst it.

She says she joined when she was 23 to help with her shyness. And left five years ago (she’s 35 now). So she stayed with them for seven years. Now a weekend course to address shyness, I could buy. But seven years?

If this guy wasn’t having threesomes with Kreuk and Mack, I will eat my shoes.

Well, it’s not just a sex cult, so it’s plausible that most of the other famous people connected to them didn’t have anything to do with that part.