Allman Bros. Delta Women

A brief note regarding Jill’s answer in .

The Mississippi Delta is in Louisiana.

You’re right. So is the guy in the other thread about this. Seems like I hear the term “Mississippi Delta,” though.

Which is because of… uh… the name of the river, of course.

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from the banks of the Rio Grande delta

If I am correct, “the Delta” applies to where the Mississippi river meets the Gulf of Mexico, which is all around New Orleans and south. “The Bayou” is all of southern Lousianna and on in to Southeast Texas, all the low swamp lands in that area. Cajun refers to an ethnic group of French descendants that basically live in the “Delta”/“Bayou” area. While if I’m correct I think this may clearify the delta/bayou/cajon question but has little to do with the meaning of the song lyrics. If he were a fiddle player he could probably have a good party in cajun country and blues goes well in the delta area, but odds are the women that love him are from the French Quarter or simular area and I hate to bust his bubble but that “love” has been around a long time, only the price is different and they talk different, but they ‘love’ me as much as him.

It is definitely “DELTA”. Back then, delta was a popular musical euphemism for female genitalia, usually “Ready”, so you have the shape reference, regional temperature and fluidity factor. Leon Russell wrote delta lady with the same metaphoris.

Howdy, Jill. If the Rio Grande has a delta
(which is the area at the mouth of the river
where the water sorta fans out to get through
zillions of tons of deposited silt), I’m
guessing it’s closer to Brownsville than
Albuquerque… “Mississippi delta” refers to the river, not the state, for that reason.

BTW, just thought I’d mention . . . they might have said ‘Delta’ because they didn’t MEAN Cajun - not everybody who lives in south Louisiana is a Cajun, ya know. New Orleans has been famous for its beautiful mixed-race women for a long time, as well as being home to non-Cajun French, Spanish, Creole, and black. There is also an Irish community and a German community in New Orleans and the surrounding area. So ‘Delta women’ would mean ALL of the women on the delta, not just the Cajuns.

Of course, they may have used ‘Delta’ because it sounded better when they were singing the song. Try singing it yourself and see if ‘Delta’ doesn’t roll off the tongue a little easier than ‘Cajun’ after the word ‘them’.

The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. - Henry Van Dyke

They said Delta because they meant the sorority girls of Delta Psi… who hung out the frat guys from Me Kong Delta.

Actually, your real Cajuns are not historically from New Orleans. The Creoles didn’t want trash like us living in their city, which is what we were doing in the bayou to begin with.


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Actually, the term “Mississippi Delta” refers to a section of the Mississippi floodplain between Memphis, Tennessee and Vicksburg, Mississippi. It’s nowhere near the actual river delta in the Gulf (called the Mississippi River Delta, I believe).

You can check this out, for example, in an April 1999 National Geographic article: Traveling the Blues Highway, by Charles E. Cobb, Jr.

Hey, Phantomwise, you Cajun? Where from? Bayou Lafourche, maybe? My in-laws are from Galliano and Golden Meadow.

The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. - Henry Van Dyke

How many years have I been nuts now? I thought the line was “and Dixie women think the world of me(-e-eee).”

Jill, we all love you, and know it was just thinking about the Allman Bros. that made you stutter.

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>>delta was a popular musical euphemism for female genitalia

If that’s the case, “Delta Dawn, what’s that
flower you have on?” is not the song I
thought it was.

OK, except for MikeZ, I’d say the rest of y’all ain’t from around here…

(actually, I’m not from there myself, anymore.) Mike is right, the Delta is up in the state of Mississippi, not in Louisiana. It is the floodplain region where the Yazoo River joins the Mississippi (hence the triangle “delta” shape). This is the region of the Delta blues and the original home of Delta Airlines. It is big cotton growing country ('cause of all that flat land and silty soil) and Delt Airlines started out as a crop dusting company 'round there.

So Jill was right, but apparently by accident. Still, point to Jill. Of course, it still leaves a little mystery about whether that Delta is what the lyrics are about.

[[So Jill was right]]

Whew. Yeah, that’s right, that’s the ticket.

Wait a minute, Scott. A river delta is where the river fans out to form a triangle when it terminates into a larger body of water. It doesn’t refer to the triangle that’s formed by a tributary meeting a river. The point that the Yazoo meets the Mississippi is the Yazoo Delta, not the Mississippi Delta. Like the Nile delta, the term refers to the area from the termination point of the river back as far as you want to call it. I think usually the low flood plains of the river. When you factor in culture, it’s easy to call the Mississippi Delta, the area all the way back to Memphis. BUT, to try to exclude Louisianna from “the Delta”, I think is a mistake. (sorry Jill) I don’t think that the state of Mississippi has any claim on the Mississippi Delta except that a lot of the state is included.