Allow me to introduce you to Chairman Meow ((kitty pictures!!))

So today I broke and went down to the local animal shelter and added a new member to my clan. An adorable, black kitten who I chose to name “Chairman Meow” (yes, I stole that name from a “name my kitty” post from long ago).

She’s two months old and was going to be put down tomorrow :eek: I saved her! :smiley:

Alright, now what you’ve all been waiting for…BABY PICTURES!

Please excuse the junk (and Sims!) in the background

And you may melt at the cuteness!

All tuckered out


I’m always glad to hear about shelter babies! Our doggie seems to know that we rescued her from an uncertain fate.

G-d bless you.

Good on you for adopting the darling little sweetie. My two shelter adopted kitties have been mostly a joy.

The last kitty pic is especially adorable.

Awww. She looks just like the very first cat I ever had, especially in the first picture. At least she has a much better name than mine wound up with - Halloween, which promptly got shortened to Weenie (to be fair, I was only 2 at the time, so really, it’s my parents’ fault for letting me name him :))

Thank you all for the kind words! All my cats and dogs have been from shelters, so I guess it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal anymore. I have to admit that after seeing the local shelters today, I wish more people would go down and adopt.

I have to share this: they had this big, beautiful, long haired, orange cat that had a harness on. Curiosity got the best of me and I asked why only that cat had a harness on. I was then informed that Henry really enjoyed being walked on a leash. They then proceeded to show us just how much Henry loved walking on the leash. It was priceless- he sashayed. Adorable.

Ms Macphisto That is a great cat name! I can picture it now, " 'scuse me, Sir. Have you seen my weenie? It’s long, hairy, sorta thick and black."

I crack myself up sometimes.