Almost as good as a new toy.

Digging through some boxes today I found my old graphing calculator from years ago. A Casio fx-9700GE(I also found an old fx-7700G)

I cleaned the dried gunk out the battery case(always remove the batteries before storing for years) with rubbing alchohol, and replaced the batteries, although I’m sure the watch battery back up is dead now too and I didn’t have one of those.

I’ve spent half the day playing with it and trying to remember how to do stuff. I’m such a geek :slight_smile:

I only have to avoid looking on line and feeling inferior about how much more memory and what a better processor newer models have, and woohoo new toy. :cool:

Anybody need any 12th roots or function graphs?

I actually found_a_use for my HP 48gx…it seems that decimals and math get used a LOT when you’re learning how to use a Lathe and Mill…I hadn’t used it since the week after I left college.

Hehe cool. It seems most of the inhabitants around here like the crappy Ti-83 or 89. But HP and casio rule.

[sub] TI is for chumps, to hell with better marketing[/sub]

Raises her head from using her HP15C to calculate the interest on the mortgage she’s asking for

Uh, what? Sorry, wasn’t paying attention, what did you say again?


Wanna touch my slide rule?

((leers evily))

Oh, my! Will you teach me how to use it?

A: Not with great precision.