Almost Human has been canceled.


This was a great show, though the pilot was not that great. This is the worst cancellation of a new show I’ve seen in a few years.


Almost Human Canceled.

If it did get better then they really should have done something about that pilot, because I refused to go back to anything that stupid for a second episode.

Agreed. Terrible pilot. I can’t even imagine how they might have recovered from that to make it a show worth watching

I only ever watched the pilot. I didn’t reject the show, but it never made it on my watch list. I was kind of waiting to see if it got renewed before investing time into it.

Like another famous Fox show, all the episodes were shown out of order. It made it even harder to figure out the relationships, because one week they’re all friendly, the next week one’s a jerk and you don’t know why.

On the other hand, it had its own problems. The society they lived in was ill-defined - never mind what’s behind The Wall, WHY is the wall?

But, it kept me watching. It could have turned itself around.

Frankly I’m surprised it lasted a whole season before getting canceled. I quite liked it.

Not that I’m disagreeing with you, but I’m curious as to in what way it’s the worst.

I’m surprised it made it on the air. I loved the cast, and the Blade-Runner-esque aesthetic, but it wasn’t all that easy to digest. I’m not sure I understood everything that was going on, and this show should have been in my wheelhouse. Too many episodes seemed to revolve around break-ins and cutting away metal floor grating to sit a bomb in plain sight. Still not sure what’s up beyond the big Judge Dredd wall. They probably explained that but I’ve forgotten.

The good news is that it frees the cast up for some other opportunities, and I’m happy about that.

I’m glad it’s not just me asking these questions. The out-of-order thing may have contributed to some of my confusion.

On the list of threads, I initially read “Mahaloth” as “Marley23” and thought from the title that instead of banning some poster named “Almost Human,” he had escalated to cancelling him completely.

It could’ve been a good show. But it wasn’t.

It was a good show, but it was hardly Firefly.

I liked it, but it had lots of undeveloped areas that could have been improved on.

That sucks. It wasn’t the best show on TV, but it was worth watching. At least it didn’t end on a cliffhanger.

I watched every episode. I think the show never really found it’s identity. There are so many plot arcs that were never developed or developed poorly; it never really picked a theme to stand on:

  • John’s romance thing with Valerie. . . Never developed.
  • John Laroquette’s character going “over the wall.” . . . Never developed.
  • What the hell was “the wall” anyway. . . I guess there were living in a post-apocalypse era in a walled city surrounded by “badlands?” . . . Never fully developed.
  • The DRNs being unstable and dangerous and various other AI considerations. . . Never fully developed.
  • His ex-girlfriends involvement in the terrorist group and what were their motivations. . . yep. . . never fully developed.

And of course these plot arcs may have advanced in season 2, but I think the progress on these and other areas of interest was way too slow or non-existent in season 1.

I found it to be loosely based upon Asimov’s Robot series: The Caves of Steel, The Naked Sun, The Robots of Dawn, and Robots and Empire

A plainclothes homicide detective, Elijah Baley, grudgingly teamed up with a robot, R. Daneel Olivaw. Baley didn’t care for robots, and didn’t want to work with one, but over time came to respect and trust his partner.

I thought the premise was good and the characters and interplay was enjoyable, but being shown out of order did screw with the timeline and created character development inconsistencies. The Wall was out of nowhere, was left as an unknown, and the why’s and what’s unanswered.

Not surprised. Too bad though.

I liked it and my daughter loved it. Too bad. I enjoyed watching it with her. I agree they should have advanced some of the story arcs more to keep up interest.

So at what point does Fox fatally poison the well for new series? At this point you’d have to be an idiot to get too invested into any Fox SF offering.

Not surprised. First, it didn’t have any initials. Initials help, especially in police dramas. Second, while the future setting and androids were a nice touch, especially for a sci-fi fan like me, the stories weren’t that much different from any other police procedural.

Same stories, different (but good) setting, no initials - it didn’t stand a chance. Had it been on CBS and named CSI: 2048 (or whatever year it was), it would still be on the air long after we’re all dead.

It was a premise with potential and two great leads. The stories weren’t particularly well told, the world wasn’t particularly well built, and it didn’t help that it was shown out of order.

I’m not surprised it was cancelled but I’m still disappointed, probably more about what it could have been than what it actually was.

I figured as much but I am disappointed. I liked it. It presented an interesting future I wanted to see more of.

I had no idea the show was aired out of order… damnit, Fox.

Great cast, interesting set-up, stupid plots. But I think the second season would have improved on a lot of that. I was hopeful.