Almost Screwed By A Bolt

When they say “Timing is everything”, they aren’t just yanking your chain. The little tasks and events we encounter and deal with each day collectively serve to alter the short and long term path we take. Whether that be for better or worse we rarely know until the day or the life is done. I was fortunate enough to have some random events lead me into proximity with danger recently and to tell you the truth it actually was pretty cool.

Nothing outstanding about the day, really. Just did the work thing but then stayed late reading the Dope because there were some interesting conversations going on in a couple of threads. It was probably 20 minutes after I could have left before I actually walked out the door. It was raining very hard by this time and I cringed a bit as I traversed the parking lot since I was under large metal carports most of the way that were magnifying the loud belts of thunder.

Pulling onto a four lane that traverses a reservoir, I settled into my drive home by turning on NPR and opening the inner cover to the sunroof.

About a second later the entire sky suddenly lit up and I saw a white hot thunderbolt smack into the guardrail no more than fifty feet ahead and to the right of me. It was only about the distance that you could fling a grape away and caused the post by the rail to explode in a white hot shower of sparks. I cringed expecting to hear the loudest boom of my life. It did make an electric exploding sound but, while very loud, it wasn’t absolutely deafening. Still, you could tell a tremendous amount of energy had just been expended very close to you. Instantly a cloud of smoke came up from the road, either from singed pavement or superheated rainwater.

And then it was gone. Within a half second I’d passed by the point of impact and was looking to make sure none of the drivers around me were spinning out of control from the fright.

Had I left on time I’d never have seen it. Heck, had I left 2 seconds earlier I wouldn’t have seen it. But everything worked out just perfectly that day and I got to see a physical display I’ll not soon forget.

It was, in a word, waycool.

Oh. I thought you said "Almost Screwed by a Dolt " and had run into my ex.

Your adventure sounds very exciting. I’m glad you weren’t hurt!

Glad you didn’t poop your pants. Or did you?

see other thread. . .

Didja hit your brakes too? I was cruising down a stretch of I10 just north of Gulfport when a bolt hit in the trees at the edge of the right-of-way. I was in the 3rd lane and the closer SUV in the 1st lane hit thier brakes.

Dad still wins tho’. He was standing at the base of a telephone pole that got struck. Grandma was looking at him when it happened and I guess his hair stood on end and he had a blank look on his face.

Oh . . . here I thought this was goimg to be a lewd story about your wife’s new metallic spine . . .

Yes, it seems there should be more to this story…


I probably would have crapped my pants…

As usual, lieu’s stories always involve some sort of discharge. I’m just glad the finish of this story wasn’t too shocking.

Being close to a lightening strike is an electrifying experience for sure.

I know, I know…

You can always tell which dog belongs to the blacksmith…

Kick him in the ass, and he makes a bolt for the door.