Does the gel from the aloevera plant really help reduce acne or is it just a myth. My mom is after me to apply the gel on my fac for the acne i have on my face!!!

Aloe Vera gel does help for cuts and scrapes. I’m not aware that it has any value for acne.

The usual home remedy for blemishes is witch hazel. Dab it on a spot and the pimple heals faster.

If you’d rather not get pimples in the first place then don’t touch your face. Stress also contributes to acne so print out this reply and tell Mom to back off.

how does touching ur face increase or aggravate pimples

The inner jell of the leaf of the Aloe plant has many uses, ranging from antiseptic to internal well being. Either buy a cleansing preparation already made from Aloe and use that, which is going to cost, or, if you have some plants around, cut some leafs and apply the jell yourself.

The raw jell is clear and curiously sticky, with a sometimes pungent scent. It can feel unpleasant when applied to large areas of the skin and can dry feeling odd. If using it for acne, I’d suggest you apply it after washing your face, rub it in good, let it set for 10 minutes or so and sponge off with a wet washcloth. Do it at night, before bed. That way, any remaining residue will work as you sleep and can be washed off in the morning.

The raw jell tends to look like clear, lumpy snot, sometimes faintly green. You can buy bars of clear, processed aloe soap in health stores.

The stuff is really, really great for so many things. If applied to burns right after they happen, it eases the sting and helps prevent blisters, and applied to scrapes, helps clean them, cuts down on infection and enables them to heal faster. The green leaf is often used as a laxative – so when scraping out the jell, don’t get too much of the inner surface.

With some aloe, there are small, blunt thorns on the leaf edge. Don’t eat them. They cut off easily when you’re peeling the thick leaf open. Check the Internet under ALOE and see all of the uses.

Your hands carry dirt, bacteria, oils, and other acne-promoting goodies. So touching your hands to your face is asking for trouble.

Picking at blemishes tends to cause more of them. Pimples can burst underneath the skin, spreading bacteria into the surrounding tissue. Picking also irritates the skin which makes it prone to problems.

Skin care advice tends to get affected by cultural attitudes. I notice another poster recommends washing your face twice a day. Spyder is probably American. In France they’d caution you against washing your face too often.

If there’s a happy medium to be found I’d suggest this: go ahead and wash but do it gently. Keep everything that touches your face clean (how about that pillowcase) and check up on Mom’s insurance plan. How much is the copayment to see a dermatologist? Would she take you if you raised the money?

It’s been many moons since I had acne, but when I did I found that aloe gel did help. It doesn’t make the zit go away, but it reduces the inflamation and helps it to heal faster.

Not surprising that it works, considering that aloe has a slightly astringent effect. I’ve also found that a dab of toothpaste does pretty well.