Alpaca manure

My neighbor, a master gardener, excitedly gave me a bag of fresh alpaca manure to try out. I have spread it about halfway down in a new raised bed where I’ll be planting hot-weather vegetables and fruits. (I had to bury it because it had an interesting and pungent stink.)

  1. Think 5-6 inches down is deep enough for, say, tomatoes or cucumbers, given that it’s fresh manure?

  2. Anything to particularly recommendalpaca manure over other animal droppings?

Thanks! I’ll use the " :smiley: " smiley to indicate a manure-eating grin in the spirit of the venture.

Sorry I don’t know much about gardening to tell you how deep to bury your manure buy as for your question #2 I know that droppings or manure from pretty much any herbivore (like an alpaca) is good for plants.