Alpine Skiing In Africa?

Is there any good alpine skiing in Africa? The question came to mind while noticing the lack of participants from Africa which I’d guess is due mainly to finances, but the question is there all the same.

“Good” is a matter of opinion, but yes, there are ski resorts in every continent of the world (except Antarctica).

In the north, you can ski in the Atlas mountains in Morocco (mainly) and also Algeria.
In the south, South Africa has a ski resort (and so does Lesotho, if you can call a 1km slope a ski resort).

Skiing in Morocco.

I wouldn’t have guessed Morocco. My guesses were South Africa and perhaps Kenya although maybe Kilimanjaro is a protected mountain.

You can ski on Kirinyaga, but there is no resort or anything. And you are correct, sort of: skis and snowboards aren’t allowed in Kilimanjaro National Park (and hence on the mountain). Note that Kilimanjaro is actually in Tanzania.

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As Really Not All That Bright says, Kilimanjaro isn’t in Kenya. Mount Kenya is, of course, and both it and Kilimanjaro do have snow, but not really enough to ski on. I’m sure people have done it, but you’d have to lug your gear up on foot for a long way (like, a couple of days) before you even reached the snow. In the Atlas Mountains, the snow is seasonal, but much more accessible.

I’m pretty sure that Warren Miller has filmed on Kilimanjaro in the past.