Alt-PrtScn (Print Screen->buffer) doesn't work in Vista

I recently got a new laptop with Vista Business on it. Alt-PrtScn doesn’t put a screen shot into the buffer like it does in all the other Windows versions I’ve used. I can use the capture utility (Snipping Tool), but that won’t get me pop-up menus, which I need when I’m writing doc.

Any hints?

I’ve noticed that sometimes the keyboard shortcut for this is Ctrl-PrtScrn, rather than Alt-PrtScrn. Not sure why it differs sometimes, but it is probably worth a try…

The <CTRL>-PrtSc key combination should capture the entire screen.

The <Alt>-PrtSc key combination should capture only the active window on the screen.

What kind of laptop is it? Does it have a blue “fn” key to access additional key functions? On my Gateway laptop the PrtScn is in blue so you have to push fn+ALT+PrtScn.

Hitting PrintScreen captures the entire screen. Holding down Ctrl at the same time doesn’t do anything special.


Just tested this on the wife’s computer, and Alt-PrtSc works as expected. I suspect this is specific to your laptop’s keyboard configuration, as suggested by CookingWithGas