Alternate History: Obama vs Powell 08

From this thread on things Bush has not screwed up

I wonder if in an alternate history, we would see a Obama vs Powell presidential race. I think there are several factors which make it both plausible and implausible.

This year was marked by a remarkably dismal field of Republican candidates. There wasn’t all that much enthusiasm for any of them and McCain pretty much swept in from behind by not self-imploding. If Powell had stayed in the white house in a position of power and kept himself above the political scrum, he might have come out as a very strong candidate.

Also, this year has shown that people from both sides of the aisle were comfortable breaking out of the old-white-male mold for political leaders. If there were any year in which the political climate was comfortable with a black man running as a republican, it would be this year.

On the other hand, the democratic race was extremely tight this year and Powell running might just have sapped enough Obama voters in the primaries that Clinton would now be the democratic nominee.

In short, what combination of circumstances do you think would have had to happen for there to be a Obama vs Powell presidential race and how plausible does it sound?

Powell was never much interested in elected office, from what I can tell. But his involvement in the selling of the Iraq war doomed any chances he might’ve had. He never would have overcome the footage of him speaking at the UN wit hthat vial of anthrax.

Powell would never have appealed, nor been acceptable, to the GOP’s evangelical Christian base to have gotten the nomination. The only chance I can see of Powell ever becoming a presidential nominee is if he either switched to the Democratic party, which isn’t likely, or became an independent, which no one votes for. So no, I don’t see it as a possibility…even in an alternate universe.

He is over 71 right now. He would be 75 by then. Not likely to happen. Other than Ford and Eisenhower ,to be president ,you have to want it real bad. Powell wont pay the price.

Do you think that’s more true of Powell than McCain?

Yes. McCain’s white.