Alternate Universes, or Life Imitates Art

So over in Great Debates we are engaged in a thread in which nonexistent monarchs are engaged in assaulting mathematicians – and, being a Heinlein fan, the first thing that comes to mind is “The Number of the Beast.”

The fact that the Jefferson County, NY, USDA Agent is a gentleman named Paul Remillard, and Maureen Johnson lives not far from him, while Woody Smith formerly lived nearby but moved to a larger city – no, they didn’t tickle my fancy with literary allusions at all! :wink:

Anyone else have little oddities of this sort crop up that produce “life imitates art” doubletakes in their lives?

Well, my wife’s name is Grace Kelly and she’s not a very good driver…

Jennifer Weiner, whose name is very similar to mine (in fact, I learned as a child that it was easier to answer to “Jennifer Weiner” than it was to try and remind people of my actual name), has written two books (Good in Bed and In Her Shoes) containing characters that could very well be me in a slightly altered parallel dimension.

It kinda freaks me out, actually. :slight_smile: