Alternate versions of stories/performances you'd like to see

I was watching the Nightmare at 20,000 feet episode of the Twilight Zone with The Shat. Of course after that I thought of the 80s movie version of the story with John Lithgow and how it resulted in one of the best TV scenes ever when Shatner guest stared on Third Rock Form the Sun.

After watching that scene on YouTube, I recalled reading in several genre related magazines that the original ideal for the movie version was to have Robert Mitchem (I believe) play an ex WWII fighter pilot who was familiar with gremlins dealing with the creature on the wing of the plane.

As much as I enjoy Lithgow’s performance, I would love to see the story that was originally planned. An older veteran who was familiar or at least heard the stories about gremlins having to deal with one many years after leaving the service. If they ever re-do this story I hope it is from this perspective.

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s version of Dune would have been a trainwreck, but a very entertaining trainwreck.

Before Ron Ely was cast as Doc Savage, there was talk of Chuck Connors playing the role. I would love to see that. (But only if the production went for action and adventure, not camp and comedy.)

Arsenic and Old Lace, with Boris Karloff instead of Raymond Massey. Or perhaps a modern version, with Christopher Walken playing the role.

I wish I could have seen George Miller’s Justice League Mortal.

Star Trek Alternate History Department: I heard once that a novella either was written or at least talked about that would have had Khan’s “Botany Bay” discovered by the Enterprise D. Would have loved to read that.

I would love to have seen the original ending Kevin Smith wanted for “Red State,” but didn’t have the budget to do.

(IMDb Trivia spoiler #1)

I would’ve liked to have seen the original ending of Hitchcock’s The Birds that had thousands of crows perched on the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. Supposedly it wasn’t shot because it was too expensive and too bleak.

Army of Darkness should have ended with Ash transported into the distant future on a spaceship or something.

Then have a sequel to AOD.

I’ve read that Christopher Walken was originally supposed to play Han Solo. Yes, that’s right, Christopher Walken as Han Solo. Christopher fucking Walken as Han fucking Solo.

If I could choose just one “alternate casting” version of a movie, this would have to be it. It would have been a trip, to say the least.

Willis O’Brien, who animated King Kong (and his Son, and Mighty Joe Young) wanted to do King Kong vs. Frankenstein, with both Kong and Frankenstein’s monster animated. I’ve seen the concept drawings. It would’ve been awesome (says my inner 10-year-old).

They sorta did make a version, without animation, in the Japanese film Furankenshutain Tai Chitei Kaijū Baragon, released in the US as Frankenstein Conquers the World. It was as satisfying as King Kong vs. Godzilla, with its man-in-a-suit Kong.

One of the films I’d REALLY like to see them make is The Wizard of Speed and Time.

What’s that, you say? Mike Jittlov did make such a film? Well, it’s true that he released a film with that title, an elaboration on his short of the same name. But it’s NOT the film he wanted to make. He couldn’t get enough money together for that, so this is what was released instead. I heard Jittlov describe the film he wanted to make at a small convention (where he showed a lot of his shorts that I haven’t seen anywhere since). It would have been an effects extravaganza with an awful lot more than the 1988 feature film had, and less bitching about how hard it is to get things made in Hollywood.

The two-movie version of “The Hobbit” that Guillermo del Toro had planned.

Well, this one is just my Star Wars Geek Y-Wing inner-fanboy, but for Star Wars IV: A New Hope:
Gold Squadron hits the trench, then Darth Vader and his two wingmen drop in behind them as in the original.

Then the ion cannons mounted atop the Y-Wing’s cockpit canopies rotate 180 and start lighting up the TIE Fighters (Vader’s incl.).

One TIE fighter goes out of control and “face plants” on the trench floor; the other goes all wobbly and crashes into Vader’s TIE, sending him spinning out of the trench out of control.

Gold Leader drops the rocks, The Death Star goes boom, end of story.

David Lynch turned down the chance to direct Return of the Jedi for Dune. His *Return of the Jedi *would’ve been interesting.

Can’t see how this would have been much different than Bambi vs. Godzilla.

For his film*, O’Brien imagined a Kong-sized Frankenstein Monster, as in this sketch:

Here’s one of his Frankenstein sketches, clearly scanned from an issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland:

Some of the heads he was contemplating:

It wouldn’t have been Bambi Meets Godzilla, but, on the other hand, it wouldn’t have been Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein, either. Not even Glenn Strange.

  • As in the Japanese film that was made, which I cited.