Alternative Water Softeners

I posted this earlier, but it must have been lost in the great meltdown. I understand the principal behind conventional water softeners, but I have read about magnetic, ultrasonic and non-sacrificial catalyist softeners. Does anyone know if these are anything other than marketing ploys?


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This CSICOP article doesn’t reject them outright:
Since they’re not part of legit science, they’re not tested under many conditions, and are often overpriced. As with quack medical cures, even if it works, it’s still a scam if the seller hasn’t done enough testing to know under what conditions it will fail. And even if it works, if the seller takes $10 in parts and sells it for $399, it’s a scam.

Also, if they call it a “water softener”, they’re lying to you. These devices don’t affect the mineral content of the water! They might prevent buildup of mineral scale, but not by removing any minerals.

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