Alternatives to Comcast?

My bill just went up $35/month because the ‘‘introductory rate’’ expired. I am now being charged $85/month for internet service.

Fuck Comcast so much. But it is, of course, the only cable service provider in this region, because we totally don’t live in an oligarchy.

We don’t have cable TV, just internet. We never plan to have cable. We have Netflix and Prime.

Do I have any options here if I am interested in only internet access? Wireless is a must. And yes, I’ve heard the ‘‘call Comcast and complain and they will lower your bill’’ spiel already, I’m more interested in dumping them on principle, if I can.


Is FIOS an option in your area? That’s what I looked into as an alternative to our cable provider, but unfortunately, there’s no fiber optics in our neighborhood, so I’m stuck. Even if satellite internet was so $$$, I know from my mom’s experience that it’s sloooooooooow!!

There are plenty of options that exist, whether or not you can get them is a separate issue.

FiOs, Bright House, DirecTV (yes just for internet), Google Fiber is coming up strong I heard

Not every option is available in every place. You really need to tell us where you live if you want a useful answer.

If you have ANY option for internet besides DirecTV, take it. It’s unbelievably slow, and the data limits are ridiculous. It’s a great service for TV though.

I’m a big fan of Red zone Wireless.

I pay $140 for internet and basic cable so you’re lucking out. You actually can’t beat Comcast for what you get, their customer service is as atrocious as rumored though. Google Fiber will be the end of them within the next 15 years though I hope.

Satellite internet connections share the bandwidth with every user, so they do everything possible to limit individual use.
I lived in the woods when I had Dishnetwork for TV, and trees limited the signal. I usually lost it during rain.

I used Wildblue for satellite internet. They would lower my bandwidth if I went over a predetermined limit. No watching movies with them. :slight_smile:

Fios would likely be the ideal option if it’s available to you. I’ve had it in multiple residences and haven’t really had any issues with it.

Your most likely second option would be called “Naked DSL” and would be sold by your phone company. Max speeds are slower than Cable but it usually is cheaper too. Wireless comes from your own router, you should be running a cable or DSL modem you buy, then a second Wireless router you purchase yourself behind it (ASUS RT-AC68U is a good one). Which company you choose for internet has nothing to do with whether you can have Wifi in your house.

If you can get someone to talk to you at Comcast, politely tell them that you have been offered a lower cost service, but you’d like to stay with them if they can offer you an attractive rate. I bet they’ll give you a deal of internet only for about $50-55, which is the going rate just about everywhere.

Operators have wide discretion, and there are always promotional deals available to nice, pleasant people who don’t swear at the CS rep. You might even be transferred to someone whose job is to keep you from going away, ready to deal…

Oh, I know. Interesting that I can leave my TV on 24/7 with no issues (DirecTV, same dish and satellite as the internet). Try to watch a uTube video or two though, and you’re finished for the day.

Do you have a landline phone company? They offer internet.

Then search for satellite internet on

Phone companies can offer DSL IF you are close enough to a switching station (or some sort of hardware). If you’re out in the sticks, you’re out of luck.

Maybe in some major metro areas, but Google Fiber isn’t really thinking about expanding too far from that. Verizon’s FIOS and AT&T’s Uverse are much more moving out in the suburb areas, but their speeds and prices are roughly the same as Comcast’s. More rural areas are kind of out of luck (mostly) when it comes to fiber optics though.


We’ve been getting a deal virtually forever. Whenever it goes up, call and get whatever promo they’re currently running. Beware signing up for triple play. Their phone is going to cost you plenty down the line.

Also be sure to own your own cable modem if you’re sticking with them. Buy, don’t rent, this sort of stuff.

She said she considered asking Comcast to lower her bill, but she’s more interested in sticking it to the company.

Keeping in mind, of course, that the loss of a single customer means very little to a company of that size. It’s like getting bitten by a gnat.

Being polite never hurts, but the thing is, based on your billing address, Comcast is going to know exactly what your options are, if any (IOW they’ll know whether FiOS is or isn’t available). DirectPC (satellite internet) is literally an option of absolute last resort (i.e. only for a cabin in the mountains powered by a waterwheel) so that doesn’t even enter into it. And if they know you have no other high-speed internet options they’re not going to do much for you price-wise…